High Mountain Park Preserve (Wayne, NJ)

High Mountain Preserve

New York City Skyline from High Mountain - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin New York City Skyline from High Mountain - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to the summit of the highest mountain in view of the ocean on the east coast (south of Maine), with outstanding views.

40.951987, -74.200308

From the kiosk near the entrance to the parking lot, follow a gravel path across an open area that heads northeast, parallel to University Drive. At the edge of the woods, you will notice a brown post, which marks the start of the red-blazed Woodland Trail. Follow the trail into the woods. The trail soon reaches a junction where it bears right, passing a huge boulder on the left. Just beyond,...

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January 08, 2018
Yellow Trail at High Mountain has been reblazed orange
<p>The section of the Yellow Trail west of the White Trail is now blazed orange, and has been designated a separate trail from the Yellow Trail.&nbsp; Formerly, two&nbsp;yellow trails left from the Reservoir Drive circle, and this caused some user confusion.&nbsp; To prevent this confusion, the western section of what was formerly the Yellow Trail is now blazed orange.&nbsp; The Park has new&nbsp;trail maps reflecting this change&nbsp;</p>
Daniel Chazin
January 07, 2018
Orange Yellow Trail?
While hiking around HMPP recently, I noticed that it seems the trail blazes for the portion of the yellow trail west of the white trail are more of an orange color than the yellow blazes east of the white trail. Is this intentional?
Ed Zachary
July 24, 2017
I'm curious as to what parts of the yellow trail lp99 felt were overgrown and not marked well. In my estimation, beginning at the parking lot on University Drive, the red trail to the yellow trail to the summit of High Mountain is the most heavily traveled route in the whole preserve and is well marked.
Ed Zachary
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