High Mountain Preserve

High Mountain Preserve

New York City Skyline from High Mountain - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin New York City Skyline from High Mountain - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin
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High Mountain Park Preserve features a stunning view of New York City on a clear day. The basalt knob on the western descending section of the Summit Trail yields a long view over a valley, a reservoir, and occasionally magnificent sunsets

High Mountain Park Preserve contains nearly 1,300 acres located in the Preakness Range, a northern continuation of the Second Watchung Ridge.  The Preserve includes High Mountain itself, which features excellent views of New York City. Much of the rest of the Range is occupied by William Paterson University, a golf course and private homes.


Park Acreage:

1260.00 acres


Wayne, North Haledon

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Wayne Township Dept Parks and Recreation


(973) 694-1800



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February 26, 2020
Multiple Dog poop bags left on trail
It was a beautiful hike, except for on the way back, at the very end of the day, just before the preserve closed. Literally within 200 yards of the parking lot, we saw THREE bags of dog poop left by the side of the trail. One bag was so huge it was overflowing. Utterly disgusting. Dog owners who do this are ruining the preserve. I would give 5 stars but irresponsible dog owners bring it down to one.
September 04, 2013
Blue trail
I just walked the loop part of Blue today for the first time in years.  Missed a few turns, got stuck in mud near far N.W turn, but good to see the marks as they should be.  Very little sign of use. I entered from Berdan Ave near Toys Are Us traffic light and walked in anti clockwise direction.  I didn't see the fork point coming from South West, but realized I had got on trail back to Valley Road and turned around and easily saw the left& right symbols on the same tree.  I recall that there was s sign sometime around 2004 or 2005 when I was a regular there.   Robert Fouchaux, Montclair,  formerly of North Haledon and 75 year veteran of High Mountain trails.
December 16, 2012
Blue Trail in Pancake Hollow has been reblazed
The blue-blazed Pancake Hollow Trail has been reblazed and is now easily followed.
Daniel Chazin
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