Errata for November/December 2003 Issue


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Page 4 in Trail News column item about Beacon-Fishkill Ridge Connector should read:

The East Hudson Trail Crew has constructed a new trail on North Beacon Mountain that connects a new parking area at the base of the mountain with the Fishkill Ridge Trail, thus lessening the need to park at the trailhead for the Fishkill Ridge Trail, where little parking is available. The land on which the trail is located is currenly owned by Scenic Hudson.

Additional useful information: There is a delay in constructing the new parking lot until spring but there is currently parking where the new parking will be, at the 90 degree turn on Rt 9D where Howland Avenue goes straight (across from a Deli). The new trail uses the first part of the new red trail up Mt Beacon starting from the base of the old inclined railroad. The first part (until after the power line crossing) of this will also be undergoing extensive work on steps in the spring. The trail is blazed yellow (no name yet) and leaves the red trail at the first major switchback after crossing the power line.

See also the web pages about new trails (not listed there yet).

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