Wonder Lake State Park

Wonder Lake State Park

41.4949, -73.662946

A recently developed, beautiful, rugged and rustic park with a lake and pond

The park has wooded portions to the northwest and southeast, rugged topography and scattered ravines. Most of the site is covered with mixed hardwood, ledges, seasonal streams, and rivulets.  Located in the southeastern portion of the property is a series of meadows surrounded by stone walls.

Acquired by New York State in 1998, this park remained almost unknown, or at least unused,...

Park Acreage:

1133.00 acres


Kent and Patterson

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Wonder Lake State Park


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July 28, 2018
Wonder Lake in winter
My dog and I visited Wonder Lake in January (though I'm only getting around to writing this in July). The parking lot and first ascent were unpromising with the sound of the Interstate nearby, but that fades once you get over the ridge. The yellow multi-purpose trail had downed trees, so I left the skis in the car and went in on foot on the teal diamond trail. We had the park almost entirely to ourselves on a beautiful winter day. Trails were well marked and mostly clear of overgrowth. We made our way around the lake and then back to the trailhead on the teal diamond trail. I'm now planning to go back and explore more in summer weather.
January 22, 2018
Wonder Lake

Today I took a long winding route to the top of Bare Hill then pressed on to Wonder Lake and Laurel Pond. I was using an old map that comes up if you google image Wonder Lake map so I was a little surprised to find a blue trail where there was no trail listed, but besides that it was a nice place to explore.

The main feature of the park, Wonder Lake, was covered in ice and snow and had lots of animal tracks on and near it. Tracks included: Deer, Turkey, Coyote, Squirrel, and some other little footprints I couldn't identify (aliens).

The second half of my walk, following the Highland Trail along the far shore of the lake to Laurel Pond, was my favorite part. Since I had found little information about the park I was surprised to see an old chimney along the shore of Laurel Pond. It looks like it would be an excellent place to camp. There were also a number of boats in the area covered in snow. I'm not sure who they belong to as they look like they have been sitting there for a while.

I finished off my hike by crossing the stream and following the yellow trail back to the parking lot.

The trails at Wonder Lake are really nice, and I was surprised I only came across a few people on them. The first mile you are pretty close to 84, so you do hear a bit of the traffic, but once over the hill and near the lake the noise fades away. The lake is beautiful as is the pond, though there are no real overlooks of the surrounding area. I'm sure this would be an awesome place to go come Summer time.

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