Sylvan Glen Park Preserve

Sylvan Glen Park Preserve

Sunset on the rocks at a quarry in Sylvan Glen Photo: Jane Daniels Sunset on the rocks at a quarry in Sylvan Glen Photo: Jane Daniels Unfinished pedestal Photo: Jane Daniels Unfinished pedestal Photo: Jane Daniels
41.299779, -73.852517

Old cables, discarded slabs of granite, and an shed which reportedly stored explosives are a few of the remnants along the trails in Sylvan Glen Park Preserve, the site of a former quarry.

Tucked away on a hillside in northern Westchester County, NY, Sylvan Glen Nature Preserve is the site of a former quarry which supplied a honey-colored granite for the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City. Some of the property was purchased in 1981 and was opened as a park when additional adjoining properties were acquired. Quarries of various sizes and remnents of the...

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342.80 acres



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June 19, 2012
It's very confusing. I have brough my dog sitting dog many times - focused on the same sign... When you look at the kiosk to the right just after you enter you will see a no dog sign there. Also if you happen to run into one of the white square posted signs anywhere along the property line with lots of text on them they will say no pets.... I respect this and no longer bring the dog - but the Town really needs to make the signage clear...
Boundary Bernd
May 03, 2012
I went today, and there was a sign at the trail head with the park regulations that said to clean up after your dogs. So, I'm assuming dogs are allowed.
May 02, 2012
The offical town policy is no dogs in Nature Preserves and Sylvan Glen is a Naure Preserve. However you will find that many people bring their dogs and that there is no enforcement. The other Nature Preserve in Yorktown, Turkey Mountain, has the same issues. This problem of general disregard of  signs in parks is common to most parks. One wag said there is new breed of dogs call a No Dog, and No Dogs are Allowed. Let your conscience be your guide.
Walt Daniels
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