Losen Slote Creek Park

Losen Slote Creek Park

40.841164, -74.037811

Three short trails through a rare remaining parcel of woodlands in the Meadowlands to a creek with a Dutch name dating from the original settlement of Bergen County by Northern Europeans.


The park is named for the Losen Slote (Dutch for “winding creek”), a Hackensack River tidal tributary. Park acreage consists of meadow habitat and lowland forest, one of the few remaining parcels of woodland in the Jersey Meadowlands.  Its diverse environment supports migratory birds and a variety of small mammals and reptiles. 


Park Acreage:

28.00 acres


Little Ferry

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New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJSEA)


(201) 460-1700



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Not available

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May 02, 2018
Short Walk in a Surprisingly Secluded Area
A short trail in an urban area, it does a fairly good job of letting you forget you are in the middle of Bergen County. There is a parking lot on Mehrhof Rd and Crescent St in Little Ferry. The trail head is at the end of Crescent, past the roller hockey rink on the right and the Little Ferry DPW parking lot on the left. This sign/map at the very beginning was missing as of April 2018, but continue past that and you will see the double-post Losen Slot Creek Park sign and a small bridge that kicks off the trail. Terrain is very flat and a relatively easy walk, with a couple of caveats: an early spring hike was very muddy, this is a trip for pack boots, not trail shoes; there are areas with lots of exposed tree roots and downed branches that present a tripping hazard. Lots of birds and saw some cranes through the fence to the Bergen County Utilities Authority property. Saw lots of little critter prints in the mud which the kids found very exciting. Middle of the pink loop was a nice area to sit for a snack. The NJ Urban Forest link in an other comment has correct maps for the trails.
November 11, 2015
Virtual Tour of Losen Slote Creek Park!
Check out a virtual Tour of Losen Slote Creek Park at NJUrbanForest.com! http://njurbanforest.com/2012/05/09/little-ferrys-losen-slote-creek-park/ Plenty of Pictures!!!!
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