Park Reviews

08/14/2012 - 5:35pm
Thanks for the updates
Phil McLewin

Thanks for the updates, we’ll try to get someone to verify directions and trails in the area.

08/10/2012 - 6:11pm
Trails and markers info.
This is all slightly out dated. I just visited this lovely mountain the other day. There was a bit of trouble finding out where to start the hike.   Directions to parking area off lake rd: Take 199/church st.  take Lake Rd. The trail that is shortest to take, but is steep, is the 1st trail on the right. There is a gravel parking area across form it.   Trail Directions: Follow this trail up to the tower. This trail branches off in a few spots. ALWAYS stay to the left. As far as colored trails go, I didnt see anything to mark these trails. There also was no info saying it lead to the fire tower at the base of the trail.   recommendations: BUG SPRAY BUG SPRAY BUG SPRAY BUG SPRAY!!! I cant stress it enough. I hosed myself down with loads of it. Still the bugs were around.  LOTS of water, I was dripping sweat half way up. ( its a steep hike ) Good shoes with good grip, the trail is loaded with smaller rocks ( but bigger then gravel ) Lots of them are loose.   HAPPY HIKING!!!!!!!!!!!
04/06/2010 - 10:17am
Blue Trail on Mountain Road Blocked?
Georgette Weir


The following report was submitted by a visitor to Stissing Mountain on April 3, 2010, but is unconfirmed. Additional reports on the status of access to these trails is welcome.

The information of Stissing Mountain seems to be out of date. The blue trail on Mountain Road is blocked by private property. I was there today, and I couldn't find the trail. A resident told me that the trail was not accessible from that area anymore.

The red trail on Hicks Hill Road goes around in a circle now more or less. It is accessible from the road in two spots. There is a cross country ski trail that follows the red trail. It is marked in yellow. The yellow markers go up the hill a little ( off of the red trail) to the east and then end in a coniferous forest.