Hike Reviews

November 06, 2018
Nice and easy for an afternoon!
This is a very heavily traversed and easy to handle hike. I would recommend it for those with kids or who have only a short time on their hands. It takes me about an hour and a half to complete and is very clear the whole way. Great Sunday stroll!
March 23, 2014
Make sure your boots are waterproof
<p><img src="/sites/default/files/u18171/20140321_164202.jpg" alt="Flooded causeway." width="450" height="600"></p>
March 22, 2014
The first causeway needs to be elevated!
<p>Did this hike counterclockwise and it's a really nice hike but perhaps the sate should build an elevated bridge over the first causeway since it was overflowing with water that was a foot deep.</p> <p>Personally, I just pulled up my pants and ran through it, but it was dagerous and would not recommend doing it until the water levels reced.</p> <p>Still I had a good time and would do this again in the late spring or Summer time.</p> <p>Excellent blazes and not possible to get lost with such</p> <p>Also, if possible you should allow images o be uploaded straight from the computer instead of needing to adding url.</p> <p>Hope you can make this happen.</p>
August 31, 2013
Sterling Lake Loop Virtual Tour!
<div class="content"> <p>Take a virtual tour of Sterling Forest State Park Sterling Lake on NJUrbanForest.com!</p> <p><a title="http://njurbanforest.com/2013/08/31/hiking-sterling-lake/" href="http://njurbanforest.com/2013/08/31/hiking-sterling-lake/">http://njurbanforest.com/2013/08/31/hiking-sterling-lake/</a></p> <p>Plenty of Pictures!!!!</p> </div>