Hike Reviews

January 08, 2018
Yellow Trail at High Mountain has been reblazed orange
Daniel Chazin
<p>The section of the Yellow Trail west of the White Trail is now blazed orange, and has been designated a separate trail from the Yellow Trail.&nbsp; Formerly, two&nbsp;yellow trails left from the Reservoir Drive circle, and this caused some user confusion.&nbsp; To prevent this confusion, the western section of what was formerly the Yellow Trail is now blazed orange.&nbsp; The Park has new&nbsp;trail maps reflecting this change&nbsp;</p>
January 07, 2018
Orange Yellow Trail?
Ed Zachary
While hiking around HMPP recently, I noticed that it seems the trail blazes for the portion of the yellow trail west of the white trail are more of an orange color than the yellow blazes east of the white trail. Is this intentional?
July 24, 2017
Ed Zachary
I'm curious as to what parts of the yellow trail lp99 felt were overgrown and not marked well. In my estimation, beginning at the parking lot on University Drive, the red trail to the yellow trail to the summit of High Mountain is the most heavily traveled route in the whole preserve and is well marked.
July 09, 2017
This trail is overgrown and seemingly not maintained at all. The red trail portion was well marked, but the others were not. There was plenty of tree canopy for a summer hike, but all in all it was not worth the trouble. Our dog liked it, though.
August 29, 2016
Great hike today!
<p>We moved our son into William Paterson today and decided to parlay the 4 miler to High Mountain. We saw a racoon (odd @ 2pm). &nbsp;At the top we saw a young buck and a beautiful view of the city. On the way back we found a rusty crowbar on the red trail (do not think it was 'booby trap'). We also had the pleasure of meeting trail supervisor Bob Simpson at the trailhead! Great day great hike!</p>
June 15, 2016
Corrected parking lot coordinates
Jeremy Apgar
<p>Thank you for your report about this hike!<br><br>I have updated the GPS coordinates for the parking lot to the correct small lot at the trailhead.&nbsp; The previous coordinates were for the larger parking lot at the University itself.<br><br>~Jeremy<br>TC Cartographer</p>
August 31, 2014
Bear sighting on Yellow trail
I completed this hike yesterday without incident but there is a sign posted at the trailhead warning about a mother and and cub black bear sighted on the yellow trail back in May. The correct GPS coordinates for the parking lot are 40.951987, -74.200308
July 01, 2012
Wayne's High Mountain Park Preserve!
<p>Check out NJUrbanForest.com's virtual tour of this fantastic preserve!</p> <p>http://njurbanforest.com/2012/07/01/waynes-high-mountain-park-preserve/</p> <p>Plenty of pictures!</p>
September 06, 2011
Parking Lot GPS coordinates
The parking lot is not at the Trailhead so here are the GPS coordinates of the parking lot: 40 degrees 57.126 minutes North, 74 degrees 12.029 minutes West, elevation 570 feet.