Hike Reviews

November 01, 2020
Tough but worth it !
{10/31/2020} I don't usually opt for strenuous hikes but the weather was so nice today; sunny and in the 30s after days of rain, I decided to shoot for a good workout on the trails. The views are amazing and the terrain was varied and interesting. The steeps are relatively short but many of the trails are pretty rugged and rocky. Keep an eye out for the Racoon Brook Trailhead on the Seven Hills Trail just after the Torne viewpoint as it's fairly easy to miss it as I did. Had to do a 10 min backtrack. Also, the blazes are pretty sparse and hard to locate towards the end of the trail approaching the terminus at the Kakiat Trail. The bridge is still out at the Kakiat / Stony Brook Trail intersection so be sure to cross at the Cascade of Slid Bridge upstream on the final leg to Reeves Meadow area. Took me the whole 6 hrs to complete with only a couple of short rests.
June 25, 2018
Pine Meadow-HTS-Seven Hills-Reeves Brook Loop (06/25/18)
Highly recommend long pants and a stick as some parts of HTS are overgrown and you can't see what (or who) you may be stepping on.
October 06, 2014
excellent workout
<p>This is probably one of the hardest hikes in Harriman State Park. &nbsp;That being said, it's quite a great workout for the legs and a good hike to do on a weekday, when the crowds dissipate. I did this hike on Monday afternoon and had the trail pretty much to myself. &nbsp;Great views from Hill Torne Sebago, Seven Hills, Racoon Brook. &nbsp;Since it was in the high 60s today, I thought perhaps I might see a rattler sunning himself on one of the ledges. Nope. &nbsp;The blueberry bushes have turned a bright red foliage, and the scrub oak on top of the hills are a bright orange. &nbsp;Enjoy!&nbsp;</p>
July 07, 2014
Correct, no swimming in Pine Meadow Lake
Georgette Weir
<p>As described, the hike does not quite reach the lake. &nbsp;Regardless, swimming in Pine Meadow Lake (or any other lake in the park unless officially so designated and when a lifeguard is present) is not allowed."</p>
July 05, 2014
lakes but no swimming?
<p>What is up? A lake but no mention of swimming?</p>
April 11, 2013
A nice variety of trails, hard but fun
<p>I did this loop on the first warm day of this spring,&nbsp; It was good to use some trails, and trail sections, that I do not usually take, making this hike longer and harder.&nbsp; Using the HTS to climb the torne, rather than the Seven Hills, avoids an eroded stretch of trail, and adds some views.&nbsp; It is too bad that the steep climb, on the RBH, up to the Pulpit, is not in good condition.&nbsp; Some of big rocks have lost so much soil around them from traffic that the present route may have to be abandoned. The last hard section is next to the cascading brook, on the Kakiat, over boulders.&nbsp; This is hard walking, but at least you are not on the terribly overused Pine Meadow Trail. Despite having reached retirement age, I was able to finish in 4:40.</p>
September 16, 2012
Loved it!
<p>My boyfriend and I wanted to finish off the summer with a good strenuous hike . &nbsp;This one did the trick. &nbsp;Nice and long for a day hike with something for everyone. &nbsp;Lots of uphills, rock climbing, beautiful views , and a babbling stream. &nbsp;I would love to go back when the waters are higher though, as they weren't quite in full force this time of year. &nbsp;Today was the perfecT weather for a hike. &nbsp;Deep blue sky, 75 degrees, nice breeze and no humidity. &nbsp; Saw lots of other folks out and about enjoying the day. &nbsp; We did pass someone who said that a bear had been spotted on the trail today, so be careful out there! Luckily, we had no incidents:). &nbsp;Lovely hike, definitely a challenge, but worth every step!</p>
March 29, 2012
<p>This may just be my new favorite hike. &nbsp;It has everything one could want. While Breakneck offers a sense of acute strain, this one is relentless. Starts off fairly benign, but the series of ups and downs, culminating in bouldering down the ravine streamside, puts this one in it's own category. Not for the faint of heart, but if you are so inclined you'll find this hike to be spectacular.</p>
September 15, 2011
Tough, but worth it
<P>My husband, friend, pup, and I hiked this route on Sunday 9/11.&nbsp; Definitely difficult, but had a great time.&nbsp; Our dog (50lbs lab/retriever&nbsp;mut) only needed help 2 times in extremely steep areas.&nbsp;&nbsp;She was even able to tackle the ladder which were really more like extremely steep steps since the ladder was leaning against a hill&nbsp;with the area behind each rung filled in with soil.&nbsp; Warning,&nbsp;the footbridge after the red,white, and blue blaze is washed out as&nbsp;are the other two bridges allowing access back to the&nbsp;orange blaze side.&nbsp;&nbsp;There did appear to be areas where you could try to cross, but the sign we read advised against it.&nbsp; Irene and subsequent heavy rain has definitely left its mark on this trail, but&nbsp;overrall, the area was in&nbsp;decent shape.&nbsp; We even met&nbsp;a couple repairing trail&nbsp;as they hiked through.&nbsp; Took us 6 hrs but we couldn't enjoy the&nbsp;the cross and trip to the waterfall (could have broke trail to&nbsp;view them, but were too tired by then).&nbsp;</P>
August 02, 2011
Fun hike!
<P>I completed this hike this past weekend with my teenaged daughter and son.&nbsp; We had a great time!&nbsp; There was plenty of opportunity to play on rocks, enjoy views and finished off by listening to&nbsp;a babbling brook.&nbsp; We even got to see our first timber rattle snake.</P> <P>The trails are well marked, but there are a lot of trails that criss cross that don't seem to be marked - and there are some tricky places where it can be easy to miss a turn if not paying attention.&nbsp; But we managed to complete this hike as it was written.&nbsp; It took us 8 hours to complete&nbsp;-&nbsp;1 mile per hour seems to be our pace for any hike rated as strenuous so far this summer.</P> <P>I can't wait to do this hike again -maybe in the&nbsp;spring when the streams are running higher or in the fall to enjoy the turning leaves.</P>
June 18, 2011
Tricky - missed RBH during heavy fog..
<p>The views that the initial part of the trail provided (overlooking Route 287) were quite amazing. We were really looking forward to the part of the hike where we would be climbing RBH, but unfortunately, we ended up missing the intersection of RBH Trail with the Seven Hills Trail; wonder if it was just our mistake in not noticing, or if it was the low visibility, or otherwise. We do hope to go back and "conquer" RBH though ;) Best still, the views on the hike made the trip well worth it - and taught us to always carry a map around.&nbsp;</p>