Hike Reviews

June 30, 2017
Great hike, nice and easy
I just did this hike today. The experience was great. The trails are very well defined, blazed, and are easy to follow. The views along the cliffs are great. There is a great detour along this hike. When you get to the millstone, instead of sticking to the blue trail, walk on an unmarked trail that runs along the cliff. The views of NYC along this trail are excellent. After a little bit of walking, it joins back into that complex intersection described in the guide. From this intersection, you could follow the blue, or follow another unmarked footpath that goes around the west side of the park. There are no views from this trail, but there are a few plaques that are pretty neat to see.
January 27, 2013
NJUrbanForest.com Mills Reservation Virtual Tour!
<p>Take a virtual tour of Mills Reservation at NJUrbanForest.com &amp; then head to the reservation to check it out for yourself!</p> <p>http://njurbanforest.com/2012/02/16/welcome-to-essex-county-mills-reservation/</p> <p>Plenty of Pictures!</p>
September 20, 2012
Nice area
Michael K7
<p>Visited this area for the first time today and did some running. Used all marked trails except the Yellow. All trails are well-marked, easy to follow, and in great shape. Don't know what the area is like at other times of the year, but i did not see any water at all.</p> <p>It would be nice if there was a detailed map available, as there are many unmarked trails and woods roads as well as the marked trails.</p> <p>Use caution if going by public transportation- although the reservation is quite close to the train station, the walk between the two is mostly on the side of the road, with almost no shoulder in some spots.</p>
June 20, 2010
The circular platform noted
The circular platform noted several paragraphs down has been identified by locals as the base of an old aircraft-spotting beacon from WWII.