Hike Reviews

June 21, 2016
Great hike
<p>Your directions were spot on. A truly enjoyable hike.&nbsp;</p> <p>To see some more images of this hike:</p> <p>https://weekendwanderer2016.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/dunderberg-spiral-railway/</p>
October 13, 2015
You didn't do the loop that I described
Daniel Chazin
<p>The hike description states (fifth and sixth paragraphs): &nbsp;"The curved roadbed ends at the opposite end of the uncompleted tunnel, but the trail bears left, crosses a stream and reaches a woods road. Turn right and follow this road, known as the Jones Trail." &nbsp;You're supposed to turn right, immediately after crossing the stream, onto an unmarked woods road (which is shown on Trail Conference Map 119 and labeled as the Jones Trail). Instead, you continued for another mile and a half on the Timp-Torne Trail and then turned right onto the 1777 Trail. &nbsp;The longer loop that you actually did is described on our website (in the opposite direction) as a separate hike: www.nynjtc.org/hike/dunderberg-spiral-railwaybald-mountain-loop , and it is indeed about 6.8 miles long.</p>
October 12, 2015
Did I do the correct loop?
<p>My son and I just did the loop above (or at least i think we did). &nbsp;We entered on Ramapo trail, turned left on Timp-Torne, &nbsp;cut over at the 77 trail (which based on it being the only crossover trail connecting Ramapo and Timp, i assumed it was that jones trail the description discussed). &nbsp;Then we looped back on the Ramapo trail. &nbsp;It was 6.8 miles, and extremely difficult terrain. We did the Breakneck Ridge trail and this was at least as difficult, especially on the way down. &nbsp;The ground was all medium sized loose rocks (for like 1/2 of the descent at least) and the descent was very steep . &nbsp;Not only did it do a number on my knees, but it was rough even for my teenage son who is extremely fit. &nbsp;<br><br>The info above says 3.9 miles and I mapped it at 6.8 miles (using map my hike app). &nbsp;Did i do the correct loop, or did I misunderstand?</p>
September 18, 2013
A little bit of everything
<p>Both the Timp Torne and the Ramapo/Dunderberg trails were well marked.</p> <p>I can understand how the people earlier missed the Jones Trail, perhaps someone should mark the turn?</p> <p>I did not have any problems following the directions as written at all.</p> <p>This trail would be much better later in the Fall or Winter when the leaves have completely fallen off the trees.</p> <p>Nice uphills with a few steep sections, it would probably be just as good going up the Ramapo/Dunderberg trail in the opposite direction.</p> <p>It was really cool walking through the Birch Saplings on the descent!</p> <p>Will surely come back here again in the future.</p>
September 15, 2012
Trail directions
<p>Thanks so much for describing in detail this short loop. My wife and I followed it last summer, and again this weekend. We did miss the Jones Trail turn somehow - I think in hindsight I thought it was not immediately over the stream crossing, so we added about an hour by continuing on the Blue trail, then doubling back.</p> <p>This is a great hike for those who don't hike on a routine basis - not too strenuous, and a nice combination of man-made artifacts and beautiful vistas!</p>
April 10, 2011
Lost trail markers Dunderberg Short Loop
<p>We lost the trail after making a right at the T-intersection. Three white squares marked a rock..and then there were no more obvious markers to be found. Sun was setting and we have three young kids, so we made our way bushwhacking through many, many birch saplings and steep, rolling rock passages til we eventually saw a red-dot-on-white blaze and 9W. But the views were AMAZING, no leaves or bugs yet. (April 9,2011) The doomed railway history is fascinating too, which we read about in a book called Historic Valley Ruins before the hike.</p>
December 20, 2010
Love the hike, a few tweak suggestions
Purple Octopus
<p> &quot;Turn right and follow this road, known as the Jones Trail. In about a third of a mile, after once again crossing the stream, you'll reach a junction with another grade of the railway. &quot; </p> <p> These sentences should probably read, &quot;Turn right and follow this road, known as the Jones Trail. In a short distance, you cross the stream again, and then, in about a third of mile on the now rocky uphill Jones Trail, you'll reach a junction with another grade of the railway.&quot; </p> <p> This hike was great. Did it on Dec 18, 2010 and the mud from last weekend's rain was frozen which made things easier. Steep &amp; challenging but with very interesting scenery and views. The railroad grades &amp; the unfinished tunnel were particularly enjoyable. Total time was exactly 4 hours. That included 20 minutes of lunch, and a few photo stops. </p>