Hike Reviews

September 02, 2019
Not My Favorite Hike In Harriman, But Worth Doing At Least Once
Michael K7
I didn't enjoy many sections of this hike, especially the descent on the R-D Trail, but there were some nice views in spots. Getting stung by a Yellowjacket probably didn't help my disposition. Directions here are accurate, although I would advise doing the route in reverse- that's the way I'll do it if there's a next time, and I think it will be more enjoyable not having to descend on the loose rocks of the R-D. There might be more views in fall when the leaves are off the trees. Note that when I finished (around 1:00 PM), the parking area was full, and there were cars waiting for people to leave so they could park. Probably not an issue if you do this during the week, but if going on a weekend, plan to start early.
August 29, 2017
Wonderful Hike
Sheila F.
I walked this hike yesterday by myself and didn't see another soul. Peaceful, challenging, perfect. Reading the description of the trail on this site really added to the pleasure as I am not a great map reader...people who have hiked with me will call that an understatement. But I am getting better. My husband was very good at mapping out hikes and we spent many days hiking in Harriman. He passed away 2 years ago and this was my first time back. I left some of his ashes at the trail head and at the suggested lunch spot looking toward Bear Mountain. Know that your joy in spending time on the trails in that special state of mind either alone or with other hikers would be a great delight for him. I was happy all day.
August 21, 2015
Try the Hike in Reverse
<p>I went up the RD this morning,as it is more exposed to the sun, and came back on the TT, which had more shade and less ups and downs. &nbsp;I also extended the hike to the Timp, making a 10 mile loop. I started at 10:00, reached Bald Mt just after 11:00 and reached the Timp for lunch at 12:15. I was back at my car at 2:15 and drank about 2 quarts of water. &nbsp;I didn't hike fast, but steady with almost no stops. I found the downs hard on my knees,even though I used trekking poles, but I am 62. &nbsp;I had some breeze today and rain cooled things down overnight, otherwise I would start earlier in the summer. &nbsp;Dunderberg had fires 20 years ago and the RD was much more exposed some years back, but the new growth provided shade most of the time.</p>
July 20, 2015
nice hike, mind the snakes.
viva la vinegaroon
<p>Wow was it hot today, but this hike was worth it! The path just challenging enough and the views were spectacular. I took the trail backwards, <span style="color: #111111; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"><span style="line-height: 14.5920000076294px; background-color: #edefd9;">Ramapo-Dudenberg to 77 to Timp-Torne, and I noticed going up the Ramapo side first that finding red and white markers could be very challenging and I often had to backtrack to make sure I was still on trail. Also, there were a couple of larger fallen trees blocking the path between Dudenberg and Bald Mountain, forcing a new alternate path to be slowly formed in the high grass. I only point this out out of concern because as I was descending from Bald Mountain, I almost staggered upon a very large Timber Rattesnake that was hanging out right next to the &nbsp;path in the leaves, high grass and brush. He was very kind to let me know that he was there with a vigourous shaking of his rattler and was also nice enough to forgive my foul language as he did take me by surprise.&nbsp;</span></span></p> <p><span style="color: #111111; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"><span style="line-height: 14.5920000076294px; background-color: #edefd9;"><br></span></span></p>
January 19, 2015
Great Hike - Icy today, but still a fun hike
<p><span style="color: #666666; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; background-color: #faf9f8;">Good trail. One of the longer hikes that I have done - GPS logged it as 8.0 miles and I did it in 5hrs. &amp; 20 mins. I followed the Red -on White Ramapo-Dunderberg blazes to the right after the trail splits. You will meet up with the Blue blaze Timp-Torne and follow them all the way home. The conditions were not ideal today - yesterdays rain left a frozen cover of ice on everything. The micro spikes saved my life today. The ice should melt in a day or two if the temps stay about freezing. Track is well maintained and marked. A few scrambles, but mostly nice walking in the woods. Will recommend to friends!</span></p>
August 24, 2014
Don't let others' comments deter you from this hike
<p>I rarely give my review or comment on hikes, but after reading some of the previous comments, I felt I needed to express my own thoughts about this trail. I followed the hike entirely with the directions above. I agree that the beginning felt a little strenuous (I paused here and there to catch my breath), but it wasn't bad. The scenery once you get to the level areas is beautiful and so picturesque! I highly recommend this hike purely for the beautiful features...wild flowers and plant life abound! The views aren't bad either.&nbsp;</p> <p>I was somewhat expecting a horrible descent based on previous comments, but was surprised to find it wasn't that bad at all. I feel like some of the previous reviews are overexaggerated. You shouldn't let their comments deter you from this hike. It was very pleasant, though, a bit of a workout at times (mostly on the inclines). I don't think the downhill gravel section was even 1/4 of a mile...it seemed much less. And it wasn't too steep at all. I just walked on the banks of the trail or watched my step when in the gravel-like footing. My personal opinion is that if people don't want even the slightest bit of a challenge, they shouldn't be hiking trails labeled as "Strenuous." Just a thought.</p> <p>I'm a 32-year old female (with so-so knees and ankles due to 25 years of equestrian sports)... I made it in 3 hrs, 20 minutes with just a few stops for pictures. It's not as difficult as it sounds...and it's worth the workout!</p> <p>Here is a photo from this lovely hike:</p> <p><img src="https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/t31.0-8/10608239_10103176116858159_8848174880844762171_o.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="184"></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
December 09, 2013
Exhausting Hike but well worth it with an incredible history.
<p>We did this hike on 12-07-2013. The hike is a great hike with some very interesting history. i would strongly suggest looking up the history of the area and what the Rail way was going to be before going.</p> <p>The loop itself was quite easy to follow. The point where the timp torn trail and the 1777 trail meet can be confusing, but just look for the pile of rocks marking the point where it intersects. From there its a VERY short walk to the RD trail. then just simply following it from there on. when you get to the top of the range, the views are absolutly incredible.</p> <p>Right before the down hill section is a really short white trail. if you follow it, you wind up on a rock outcrop that overlooks the hudson. </p> <p>The hike was a little difficult in the begining with some steep sections and lots of scrambles. then the top of the mountin range is pretty easy for some time. the last 1/4 to 1/2 mile of the loop is a steep straight shot down where the path of the rail way. its all small loose rocks 4 to 8 inches. This is where Trekking poles come in handy.&nbsp; At the end of this hike our GPS read 8.02 miles. </p>
October 14, 2013
Watch for the R-D blaze!
<p>When you turn off the Timp Torne onto the 1777 trail, be very watchful for the R-D intersection, which is very poorly marked.</p> <p>We missed it and hiked 10 min out of our way (it was a beautiful day anyway). &nbsp;You really need to look at every tree on the right hand side, and the R-D blaze is at a 10 foot height. &nbsp;It comes up very fast. &nbsp;This hike has some of the most spectacular views in the NY-NJ region!</p>
October 23, 2011
interesting hike with some great views
<p>Did this hike today with the wife and kids (12 and 11), and followed it pretty much as described. busy on the trails today - the car park was full and two parties set off ahead of us in the 5 minutes it took us to get our gear in order. its a robust hike with moderate pitches alternating with long level stretches and so there was no trouble with anyone in the family making it around. we had problems at the TT/1777 intersection as the map indicates the 1777 has red blazes but the one i could see where the intersection surely has to be is white - gave us a moment's confusion.</p> <p>The view at Bald Mountain is spectacular and made the trip worthwhile in its self. Busy - with 6-7 parties chillin' at the site but not crowded. As is usual on the R-D the trail takes the high ground over rocks and offers frequent great views. We stopped off briefly to investigate the crashed plane at the north most section of this hike.</p> <p>A very pleasant day was spoiled by the 0.25 mile section on the cable incline over a pile of loose rocks; IMHO the trail really needs to be rerouted around this section as (being at the end) it spoils the whole day.</p> <p>GPS said 7.4 miles for the hike today which we did in a very leasurely 5 hrs and 40 mins.</p>
October 09, 2011
Wonderful views of Hudson River and Bear Mountain Bridge
<p>Did this as a day hike today; the weather was too warm for our liking, but that took nothing away from the awesome views that we were able to catch during the hike. A couple of gotchas though:</p> <ol> <li>Finding the intersection between the Timp-Torne and 1777 was slightly tricky</li> <li>Descent via the Ramapo-Dunderberg was "cartiage-crunching" &nbsp;- so better be prepared for the walk thru gravel</li> </ol> <p>View of Peekskill is definitely worth the entire hike though..as are the different views of Bear Bridge mountain. Walking along the Dunderberg moutain, watch out for the trail markers carefull though, the birch saplings have grown now, and its easy to miss the markers (should make too much of a difference, since the trail seems well-travelled and hence, quite visible).</p> &nbsp;
September 14, 2010
interesting alternative
There are a couple of unblazed but hikable ways down from the top of the Dunderberg that see more of the DSR. (I was just up there a couple of weeks ago.) On the way up the Dunderberg from the west, the R-D crosses an obvious rail grade, marked with a cairn. If you follow it to the right, it leads around the south side of the mountain (crossing the Jones trail, also marked with a cairn) until it comes to an end in an unfinished rock cut. Scrambling up the rock takes you to the upper incline of the DSR. This can be either followed uphill over a filled but ungraded section until it comes to the R-D, or downhill to where it ends in another unfinished cut. In that unfinished cut, a short scramble to the right (southwest) takes you onto another obvious rail grade that descends to the upper tunnel and the T-T trail. If instead of scrambling to the right, you forge ahead, (or make your way back to the line of the incline), the incline can be followed down to the loop joining the two inclines. I'd imagine that from there you can get onto the lower incline down to the R-D, but I've never tried.) Don't attempt any of these routes without a good map, but they afford views of the unfinished construction (including holes drilled in the rock for explosives at the end of the cuts) that few hikers ever see.
August 14, 2010
from 1777
I did this trail on 8/13. There was a work crew in the parking lot, so I had to park farther south. I ended up on the 1777 trail. I took the Jones trail (marked with red blazes to the TT, so I got to see the tunnel and 3 great views. I was amazed at the amount of color and leaves that have already fallen. It looks more like mid-September than mid-August. One comment on the trail description - I hit the woods road about a half hour after leaving Bald Mountain and the steady descent about an hour after. The thick stand of young beech trees on the descent are all yellow. There are also a lot of invasives and other overgrown shrubs which cut down on the view and make the hike from the Cornel intersectiob less than pleasant. By far the worst part of the hike are the places where massive amounts of rocks have been dumped for grading. I'm glad I had to use 1777 and Jones to access.