Hike Reviews

December 17, 2020
New Trails at School Mountain Rd.
Along with the impressive new (2019) bridges built by civil engineering cadets from West Point, there's also trail work being done to replace some of the more eroded parts of School Mt. Rd. up near the abandoned house. I don't know that I'd do East Mountain next time as it adds 1.5 miles and the views are better from Round Hill.
July 30, 2017
Great hike!
I love hiking in this area. The trails are well marked and there is no reason to think you are making a wrong turn. It was a bit hot, humid and buggy, but on the other hand, it was peaceful and enjoyable. Anyone hiking here should look up the history of the stone walls and just the park in general, as it is very interesting.
February 26, 2017
Just finished this hike today (only to realize afterward that there is a description here of the exact route I took). Awesome hike - the views are okay, but what really stole the show was the cascading streams everywhere. This are also cool stone walls everywhere...EVERYWHERE. To get the most out of this route, I recommend going later Winter/early Spring, so that the leaves are down (offering more views), and the streams are in full force from rain/melting snow. I did this in about 3 hours, but I had a strong hyper hound dog tugging me along :) One note of caution: the I-beam bridge near the start of the hike is DOWN, pretty much completely. The stream is still crossable, but please be careful - the only non pet-friendly part of the hike.
July 12, 2015
Round Hill/East Mountain Loop
<p>My husband and I hiked the Loop today (i.e. July 2015). It was very well-marked, and a lot of fun for us. &nbsp;I only wanted to thank you for the terrific route description. &nbsp;We had it with us, and it was so clear and accurate that a trail mail wasn't necessary (though we had one). &nbsp;It took us 4 hours of hiking (not including our lunch stop), and I would characterize it as "moderate", as you have here. &nbsp; Then, we took a short drive east on 301 and went swimming at Canopus Lake, also in the Park.&nbsp;</p>
November 01, 2013
round hill bypass trail
<p>About halfway to the yellow-blazed Perkins Trail, a green-blazed trail (called Round Hill Bypass according to NYSOPRHP website but previously unmarked) crosses Fahnstock trail; this connects to School Mountain road to the north and route 301 to the south.</p>
January 27, 2013
I-beam bridge is crossable
Daniel Chazin
<p>The photo of the I-beam bridge on School Mountain Road was taken two weeks ago.&nbsp; The bridge is in excellent condition and it is very easy to cross it.&nbsp; The sides of the I-beams serve as barriers, so one need not be afraid to cross the bridge even under icy or snowy conditions.&nbsp; The only concern is that you need to descend a very steep bank on the west side of the bridge, and there are no steps or anything else to assist you down.&nbsp; In fact, this bridge is much easier to cross and much safer than a wooden footbridge that has been recently constructed further west on School Mountain Road.&nbsp; That narrow bridge has no barriers or railings, and it can be tricky to cross if it is covered with snow or ice.&nbsp; The concern has been expressed that the I-beams are not anchored in any way and could easily wash away if the stream floods.&nbsp; That may be the case, but for now, they remain in place and provide an adequate means to cross the stream.</p>
January 27, 2013
<p>The 2012 edition of the East Hudson Trails map reads that the bridge is out. &nbsp;Can you/anyone confirm that it has been fixed or replaced. &nbsp;I can see the "I" beams, but I don't know if the pic was taken in 2004 or 2013. &nbsp;Thank you.</p>