Hike Reviews

July 31, 2016
Permit required for P8 parking on Stephens Rd
<p>This is a Newark Watershed parking area and a hiking permit is required to park here.&nbsp;</p>
September 12, 2014
A half and half trail
<p>We did this today in 4:45 in warm sunshine.&nbsp; About half the walking--the first and the last--in on nice woods roads and is easy.&nbsp; But the middle part, especially around Terrace Pond, is up and down rock ridges, and is pretty demanding.&nbsp; Only 1100 feet elevation gain overall, though.&nbsp; Trails and blazes were in good condtion, but it is a shame there is so much trash around the pond. Jonathan</p>
September 01, 2009
Mostly easy, no good views
<p>The majority of this hike is near-flat, with the strenuous part being right next to the pond itself. I don't find the pond to be an amazing destination, so I would recommend the 5.2 mile Terrace Pond hike listed here. It will give you beautiful views of the surrounding area, which are lacking on this hike.</p><p>It was very peaceful, there was just nothing to see except the pond. This is <a href="#mce_temp_url#">my best photo</a> from the hike. It was more exciting to look down at the tiny red efts and fungus along the trail than to look out or up.</p><p>If you plug 40 Stephens Rd, West Milford, NJ 07480 into Google Maps or your GPS device, it will get you right to the parking area, which is at the Pine Ridge Equestrian Center. </p>