Coppermines Trail to Kittatinny Ridge

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Lower mine - Coppermines Trail to Kittatinny Ridge - Photo: Daniel Chazin Lower mine - Coppermines Trail to Kittatinny Ridge - Photo: Daniel Chazin Lower Yard's Creek Reservoir - Coppermines Trail to Kittatinny Ridge - Photo: Daniel Chazin Lower Yard's Creek Reservoir - Coppermines Trail to Kittatinny Ridge - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes an old copper mine, goes through a magnificent gorge, and climbs to the ridge of the Kittatinny Mountains, with several panoramic viewpoints.

41.03246, -75.036535

From the trailhead, head into the woods on the red-blazed Coppermines Trail. Just past the trailhead, you’ll come to a fork. Bear left and follow a branch trail that parallels a cascading stream and leads in 750 feet to the sealed-off entrance of the lower mine – a relic of Dutch explorations for copper in the 1600s.

Retrace your steps to the fork and bear right, soon passing the ruins...

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May 24, 2017
Had a similar experience on 05/18/17
Did this hike. Views at the end were spectacular. Used the linked Delaware water gap park map for guidance. This poster's comment is still correct. As of 5/18/17, there is no sign where the kaiser and the AT intersect, and that intersection is really easy to miss on the way out. Coming back, the intersection is a bit more obvious. Also, the blazes along the trails can be sort of sparse, especially on the Kaiser. Where the trail leads is pretty obvious, though.
August 19, 2016
Coppermines/AT/Kaiser loop
<p>Did the loop yesterday, though I extended it a bit by staying on the Kaiser Trail until the more northerly of the 2 spurs back to the Coppermines Trail.&nbsp; The description is quite good, though there definitely isn't a sign at the intersection of the AT with the Kaiser Trail.&nbsp; I used the Trail Conference map in the Avenza PDF Maps app, and was&nbsp;amused at the artistic license used in the&nbsp;placement of scenic points.&nbsp; One of the mine markings (which presumably was supposed to be the upper copper mine opening) was way off, and the positioning of the scenic viewpoints on the AT between the Coppermines Trail &amp; the Kaiser Trail was nowhere close to where there were actually open areas which allowed good eastward-facing views.&nbsp; The view from Mt. Mohican was great!</p>
October 15, 2015
Easy to miss the turn from AT on to blue-blazed Kaiser Trail
<p>Did the hike today with one pup.&nbsp; Really nice.&nbsp; Spectacular fall foilage.&nbsp; Light breeze.&nbsp;&nbsp;Cool temps - in the 60's.&nbsp; I saw one bow hunter along the AT so I'm glad puppy was on leash the whole way.&nbsp; The stream and waterfalls were nice despite it having been a dry summer.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Be aware that it's easy to miss the turn on to the blue-blazed Kaiser Trail.&nbsp; The description of the trail is accurate ("AT descends briefly, the levels off"), but there was no sign at the intersection.&nbsp; It looks like someone used aluminum squares to blaze the trail, but the blue paint on the square is mostly flaked off.&nbsp; Fortunately, at&nbsp;the trail intersection, someone had scratched into the aluminum square "Blue Trail".&nbsp;&nbsp; Otherwise, it looks like a white square.&nbsp; I met a fellow today hiking the Jersey section of the AT and ended up on the Kaiser Trail because he was following the mostly-while aluminum squares.&nbsp; A four-mile off-course for him.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; There are occasional blue paint blazes on some trees, but they're badly faded.&nbsp; </p>
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