Green Pond/Boston Mine Longer Loop from Elk Pen

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Green Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin Green Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike goes through the interesting Valley of Boulders, passes pristine Green Pond, and reaches the historic Boston Mine.

41.264792, -74.15426

Broken fence once used to enclose elk in The Elk Pen. Photo by Daniel Chazin.


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September 23, 2019
Green Pond Boston Mine Long Loop - Trail under temp construction
I had an good time on this trail this weekend (9/22/2019). The trail description may not clearly indicate the trail which has a section under temporary construction accurately. After the section of the trail as described "…Just before the trail begins a steeper descent, an unmarked side trail on the right leads to a limited west-facing viewpoint from open rocks..." I passed by the unmarked trail turnoff and instead continued on the red triangle on the white blazes trail. The red triangle on white blazes trail ended at a stream crossing and there was yellow tape trail appearing to be under temporary construction which came around and after passing under the horizontal yellow tape and turning left, I rejoined joined with the red triangle on white blazes trail. The recommended unmarked trail was very muddy and almost unpassable. The trail was challenging with various terrains and interesting views.
November 20, 2017
One of my favorites
I did this hike on November 19. I took the bus from Port Authority, and the driver is used to letting people off at Arden Valley Road. A lot of diversity in this hike: interesting rock formations, beautifully untouched Green Pond, the entrance of the Boston Mine, as well as some views (even if this is not the best hike for views). I did it in 2.5 hours, taking only a few short breaks. I wouldn't recommend doing this hike on a very windy day: there are a few dead trees next to the trail climbing up to the Valley of Boulders, and there were a lot of branches falling. There were a lot of cars parked at Elk Penn, but I didn't see many people on the hike. I had to wait for the bus back to the city for about 1.5 hours, so I climbed a bit on the AT on the other side of the road, it had some nice views as well.
Marie from France
October 21, 2015
You should have followed the yellow blazes
<p><span style="color: #111111; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 14.583333015441895px; background-color: #ebf2f8;">I was at Green Pond this morning and checked out the route of the hike. &nbsp;I think I know where you went wrong. &nbsp;You should have continued to follow the yellow blazes of the Dunning Trail all the way to Island Pond Road. &nbsp;Instead, it seems that you turned off onto the white-blazed Nurian Trail. &nbsp;The trails run very close to each other, so it is easy to switch from one to the other if you are not paying close attention. &nbsp;The trick is to follow the yellow blazes, not the white ones. &nbsp;I have edited the hike description to make this clearer.</span></p>
Daniel Chazin
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