Schunemunk State Park (Schunnemunk State Park)

Schunemunk State Park (Schunnemunk State Park)

View North from the Megaliths - Schunemunk Mountain - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin View North from the Megaliths - Schunemunk Mountain - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin
41.407626, -74.081726

Hikers on Schunemunk Mountain have much to marvel at, from the continuous views along the ridge to the unforgettable rock beneath their feet.

Schunemunk Mountain

West of Black Rock Forest in the northern Hudson Highlands, a land formation rises that has several unique and striking features. Usually pronounced skun-uh-munk, the name means excellent fireplace in the Algonquin tongue. Schunemunk Mountain features a number of unusual geologic features. Soaring well above the surrounding region, its summit reaches an elevation...

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2700.00 acres



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June 29, 2014
Overnight on Schunemunk
I did a short hike to the Megaliths yesterday ( highly reccommended), and I was wondering if overnight backpacking is allowed?  I did some searching and I know there are no open fires and no camping on the Highlands trail that runs thru that area.  That's all the info I could find.  If anyone has an answer it would be appreciated. Thanks
February 27, 2012
Schunemunk Mtn. S. P. - HT/Jessup Trail Closed @ 7 Springs Rd On
On February 27th, 2012 Larry Wheelock says: This is an update on the closing of the Highlands/Jessup Trail at Seven Springs Road. The Orange County Park renovations north of the road are NOT complete and the trail is closed where it approaches the construction area from the north and from the road. People are being ticketed for entering on the land. The County assures us that work will be complete "sometime" this spring. We'll be sure to alert people as soon as this happens.
January 05, 2012
Hil-Mar Lodge to Earl Reservoir
Hiked Hil-Mar Lodge to Long Path to Barton Swamp Trail to Western Ridge to Long Path to Jessup Trail to Earl Reservoir: 4 hours. Very enjoyable, you need boots, some tress with trail markers are on the ground, the north side of the eastern ridge is very icy but there were no problems on the Long Path itself.
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