Yellow-Silver/Schuber/Cannonball Trail/Bear Swamp Lake...

Ramapo Valley County Reservation

MacMillan Reservoir - Photo by Daniel Chazin MacMillan Reservoir - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike traverses less-used portions of the reservation, climbing to a viewpoint over Bergen County and the Manhattan skyline and passing several lakes.

41.077853, -74.187596

The hike begins at a kiosk in the southwest corner of the parking area. Just ahead, you'll notice a triple-black-square-on-yellow blaze on a tree, which marks the start of the Vista Spur Trail. Follow the black-square-on-yellow blazes as they descend wooden steps, join a wide dirt road, and continue ahead to cross the Ramapo River on a steel truss bridge.

Just beyond the bridge, the...

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December 22, 2019
Nice hike !
Perfect weather today , sunny, low 30's and no wind. There was a dusting of snow and some icy spots to be wary of, particularly the downhill portion of the yellow/orange trail after the view point. I had my ice cleats but manged the descent without them by stepping to the side of the trail. As usual at this area, especially on weekends, there were lots of folks at the parking lot and on the trail to the reservoir but they disappear for the most part once you start on the Marsh Loop.
November 06, 2018
Nice and quiet!
I really love this hike because you are very near to main trails, but you will often be away from any crowds. Definitely take some time to avoid nightfall, as you can end up a bit deep without realizing it.
February 19, 2012
Hike description has been revised
<P>Hi, Lucinda!&nbsp; I'm glad that you enjoyed the hike, and I want to thank you for your comment.&nbsp; You are correct about the start of the Yellow-Silver Trail.&nbsp; The trailhead of this trail was recently relocated so that the trail now begins opposite the dam, as you indicate.&nbsp; I have edited the description so that this is now clear to the reader.&nbsp; Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.</P>
Daniel Chazin
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