Windham High Peak via Burnt Knob

Catskill Park

View of Windham High Peak from Burnt Knob Overlook - Catskill Park - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff View of Windham High Peak from Burnt Knob Overlook - Catskill Park - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff

Discover multiple panoramic views of the Blackhead Range on one side of the Escarpment Trail and the Hudson Valley on the other side as you hike up and over Burnt Knob to the summit of Windham High Peak.

42.288765, -74.114545

When driving in on Big Hollow Road, watch for a hiking trail sign on the left after the road turns to gravel. This will be the starting point for this hike but drive in just a bit more to park in the lot on the right.

After parking walk back up the road about 100 feet to the hiking trail sign and turn right to access the Black Dome Range Trail marked with red discs. Immediately cross a...

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August 07, 2013
Great Views
<p>Hiked this the other day, thanks for the clear&nbsp;and accurate directions given in this hike description. Trails are well marked.</p> <p>There are quite a few great overlooks, and&nbsp;although there are a few challenging sections,&nbsp;there was&nbsp;also&nbsp;enough less-challenging&nbsp;sections along the way making for&nbsp;a varied and enjoyable hike.</p> <p>(The followig day hiked from the same trailhead to Black Dome and Thomas Cole Mtns, via Black Dome Range Trail (Red), approximately 6 miles total out and back, took about 4.5 hours, well marked trails. Black Dome at 3980'&nbsp;and Thomas Cole at 3940'&nbsp;are the 3rd and 5th highest peaks in the Catskills,&nbsp;respectively, this made for a somewhat challenging hike, uphill for 3 miles (for the most part), with a few short easy rock climbs, but the views from the 2 vantage points were as good as they get.&nbsp;Didn't find the Thomas Cole overlook as marked on map. But the overlooks from Black Dome were outstanding.)</p> <p>Enjoy.</p>
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