Westchester County Sanctuary Ramble

Hunt-Parker Memorial Sanctuary

Wide stone wall. Photo: Jane Daniels Wide stone wall. Photo: Jane Daniels

Diverse habitats at the Hunt-Park and Mount Holly sanctuaries provide homes to a wide variety of wildlife. It is possible to have a quick hike at either sanctuary; yet a much longer hike is possible by utilizing a short walk along a country road.

41.283644, -73.67216

The hike begins at the Hunt-Parker Memorial Sanctuary, owned by the Bedford Audubon Society. From the parking area across the street from the Bedford Audubon Society's headquarters on Todd Road, head towards the stone barn and kiosk. Follow the the Baur Meadow Hill Trail (orange) on the mowed path along the edge of the meadow.

Heading uphill the trail enters the upland forest and ends...

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