Watchung Reservation Short Loop

Watchung Reservation

Historic home in the Deserted Village of Feltsville - Photo by Daniel Chazin Historic home in the Deserted Village of Feltsville - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes an historic village, a cemetery from the 1700s and an attractive lake.

40.682961, -74.37293

Proceed west (downhill) on the extension of New Providence Road, marked with the white blazes of the Sierra Trail. At a large sign that reads "Nature Trail," turn left, and follow the white-blazed Sierra Trail, now joined by the Green Trail, across a brook. The trails climb to reach a T-intersection. Turn right here, continuing to follow the green and white blazes, which are also joined by...

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June 13, 2018
Please provide clarification about broken links
<p>Good morning.</p> <p>Could you clarify what you mean by "the directional links would not work"?&nbsp; All of the hike, driving, and trailhead direction links appear to be working correctly, so we are unsure if you encountered an issue with the website itself, or if you had cell coverage connectivity issues at the park that made you unable to access the information on the website.</p> <p>For reference, we offer a "Print-friendly version" of each hike in the Let's Go section (next to the Google Map), and clicking on that will bring you to a page with all of the information you'll need while out on the hike.&nbsp; It is sometimes helpful to access that page before heading out in case you do encounter issues with cell coverage connectivity, which can be quite common at many parks in the region.</p>
Jeremy Apgar
June 13, 2018
Direction link broken
I copied the for the hike and the directions to get there on my phone but once I had driven out to the park the directional links would not work. Please have it checked. What good are hike directions if one cannot find the trailhead?
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