Tourne County Park Longer Loop

Tourne County Park

Rattlesnake Meadow - Photo by Daniel Chazin Rattlesnake Meadow - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike climbs to the top of the Tourne, loops around the southern section of the park, and passes an interesting wetland.

40.90761, -74.432459

From the kiosk at the end of the parking area, continue downhill along McCaffrey Lane for 500 feet. Just beyond a bridge over a stream, turn right, go through a gate in a chain-link fence, and enter the Wildflower Trail area, where the trail curves sharply left. In about 500 feet, you'll exit the Wildflower Trail area via another gate.

Just beyond, you'll reach a four-way junction....

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January 01, 2017
Great hike and park
Did this hike in mid october. Directions were accurate and on point. Views from the top of the torne were great and NYC was visible. Trail was clean and well marked. There are maps at the kiosk which help with navigation. Morris county publishes an online map that can be found here
October 03, 2013
Beautiful Park
<p>I hiked this area on Sunday, September 29, 2013.&nbsp; Be aware that HUNTING IS ALLOWED in this park except on Sundays.&nbsp; Here's a different hike from the one above:&nbsp;&nbsp; take the Green Trail across McCaffery Lane up the hill if you want a short loop of about 0.5 miles.&nbsp; When that is completed, you can pick up the Red Trail immediately back into the park.&nbsp;</p>
October 27, 2012
Wildflower Area can be bypassed
<p>If you are hiking with a dog, it is possible to bypass the short section of the Red Trail through the Wildflower Area by just staying on the road for a short distance, then turning right to pick the DeCamp Trail.</p>
Daniel Chazin
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