Seven Hills/HTS/Raccoon Brook Hills Loop from Reeves...

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Along the Raccoon Brook Hills Trail. Photo by Daniel Chazin Along the Raccoon Brook Hills Trail. Photo by Daniel Chazin

This rugged hike traverses the southeastern corner of Harriman State Park, climbing to several panoramic viewpoints and following the cascading Stony Brook.

41.173916, -74.168658

On the southwest side of the parking lot (right when facing the woods), you will find a post with the red-on-white blaze of the Pine Meadow Trail. Follow the Pine Meadow Trail as it heads southwest, parallel to the Seven Lakes Drive. Soon, the trail bears left and heads uphill on a rocky path. After a short level stretch, you'll come to a T-intersection, with three blue-on-white blazes marking...

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November 01, 2020
Tough but worth it !
{10/31/2020} I don't usually opt for strenuous hikes but the weather was so nice today; sunny and in the 30s after days of rain, I decided to shoot for a good workout on the trails. The views are amazing and the terrain was varied and interesting. The steeps are relatively short but many of the trails are pretty rugged and rocky. Keep an eye out for the Racoon Brook Trailhead on the Seven Hills Trail just after the Torne viewpoint as it's fairly easy to miss it as I did. Had to do a 10 min backtrack. Also, the blazes are pretty sparse and hard to locate towards the end of the trail approaching the terminus at the Kakiat Trail. The bridge is still out at the Kakiat / Stony Brook Trail intersection so be sure to cross at the Cascade of Slid Bridge upstream on the final leg to Reeves Meadow area. Took me the whole 6 hrs to complete with only a couple of short rests.
June 25, 2018
Pine Meadow-HTS-Seven Hills-Reeves Brook Loop (06/25/18)
Highly recommend long pants and a stick as some parts of HTS are overgrown and you can't see what (or who) you may be stepping on.
October 06, 2014
excellent workout
<p>This is probably one of the hardest hikes in Harriman State Park. &nbsp;That being said, it's quite a great workout for the legs and a good hike to do on a weekday, when the crowds dissipate. I did this hike on Monday afternoon and had the trail pretty much to myself. &nbsp;Great views from Hill Torne Sebago, Seven Hills, Racoon Brook. &nbsp;Since it was in the high 60s today, I thought perhaps I might see a rattler sunning himself on one of the ledges. Nope. &nbsp;The blueberry bushes have turned a bright red foliage, and the scrub oak on top of the hills are a bright orange. &nbsp;Enjoy!&nbsp;</p>
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