Sourland Mountain Preserve Loop

Sourland Mountain Preserve

Tree growing out of horizontal crack in boulder - Photo by Daniel Chazin Tree growing out of horizontal crack in boulder - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike loops around this Somerset County park, passing through several interesting boulder fields.

40.473877, -74.694413

White Square Trail as it passes by a group of boulders -- Photo by Daniel ChazinSourland Mountain is a...

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February 03, 2011
Sourland Preserve Loop Hike
I did the loop on Memorial Day (hot humid) - an interesting trail but not among my top-ten in the state. The Devil's Half Acre is cool and worth the trek. Pictures from my hike at Sourland Preserve - For me, I did not find Rolling Rocks all that exciting -but perhaps after a major rain storm or winter thaw.... and as noted before - From #6 you can take the Red Square to the Rocks -then continue up to #8.
June 17, 2009
It is now permissible to cross through the fencing to see the huge boulders around Roaring Brook. This arrangement was made with 3M Company some time ago. My source for this is Sgt. Phil Richards of the Somerset County Park Rangers. I call Phil from the trail all the time about downed trees, whatever. This park is close to home for me, so I hike it frequently. I highly recommend hiking the big trail, the Ridge Trail, with the square blazes, backwards, clockwise, 13 to 1. That way, the long walk in from 13-9 is a good warm up. If you hike 1-13, from 9-13 is just a long, often wet, slog out. With the boulders, boulder field at the brook. and incredibly thick foliage, Sourland comes close to rivaling some Highlands area hikes. Don't miss it.
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