Red Trail/Shawangunk Ridge Trail Loop

Shawangunk Ridge State Forest

View of the Catskills from the Long Path/Shawangunk Ridge Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin View of the Catskills from the Long Path/Shawangunk Ridge Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to a spectacular section of the Shawangunk Ridge, with panoramic views.

41.646293, -74.401399

This hike traverses a spectacular section of the Shawangunk Ridge, following a portion of the joint Long Path/Shawangunk Ridge Trail. The Red Trail from a parking area on Cox Road makes it possible to follow a loop hike which requires only one car.


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August 21, 2017
Red Trail Hike
Just hiked this route August 20, 2017. The trailhead is at a new gravel lot on Cox Road. There's very new-looking glass encased information board in the lot with a map and other information. Enter the woods and you encounter two trails, one going west and one north, each with a small green "TRAIL->" sign. Both trails go up to the ridge and intersect the SRT/LP trail there. Both the west-bound and north-bound trails are blazed with round red DEC disks. We took the northbound trail, which followed a long unused fire road for a good distance and then branched off to start the ascent. Be careful to watch for the blazes or you will miss them when the trail branches off, as we did. This area is also a bit damp and there were plenty of insects-bring repellent. The ascent eventually takes you through rocky terrain with wonderful caverns and crevices as you near the top. Intial views at the top are to the west and north. Walk south along the blue disk/aqua blazed SRT/LP trail and continue to enjoy the ridge views. At one point you will get a good easterly view as well. The SRT/LP trail will eventually intersect the red trail that takes you down the ridge and back to the lot. Pay attention for the intersection as it is not marked with three blazes. The descent down has some steep sections-trekking poles would have helped a lot if I'd had them. The hike took 2.5 hours with a 15 minute rest stop on the ridge. It's moderately strenuous and there is some treacherous footing and muddy spots. The views are petty good from the ridge and you will also enjoy the section below the ridge by the caverns and crevices.
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