Ramapo Lake Loop

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

Ramapo Lake - Photo by Daniel Chazin Ramapo Lake - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike loops around scenic Ramapo Lake.

41.032596, -74.251801

At the southern end of the parking area, a triple black-square-on-blue blaze marks the start of the Ramapo Lake Spur. Follow the trail into the woods, passing stone ruins. After going up a steep pitch, the trail continues to climb on a wide, rocky path, paralleling a ca...

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December 28, 2021
Six Years Later, Same Issues
Back in this area again today, and the unleashed dogs are still the main issue with hiking here. A fair amount of litter as well, although I picked up what I could. I would strongly suggest the TC consider appointing a trail steward for this area when the next steward season begins in spring.
Michael K7
January 09, 2016
#1 Problem
<p>Forget about the bears, rattlesnakes, or ticks- unleashed dogs are the biggest threat for those who want to hike (and especially run) on trails in the parks.</p> <p>The TC needs to adress this issue on their website, their maps, kiosks, and info that trail stewards pass along to trail users.</p> <p>Although it's not the dog's fault (it's the stupid owner's fault), any incident involving a dog that leads to an attack or bite needs to be reported to the police, and the owner held responsible.</p> <p>Stay safe folks.</p>
Michael K7
August 09, 2015
Ramapo Lake Loop
<p>I walked this for the first time today (8/9/2015). Very pleasant walk, especially the views of the lake on a warm summer morning!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Only one thing marred my enjoyment - many fellow hikers had their dogs off-leash. &nbsp;I know your dog is "friendly" - to you. But it might not be so to strangers, so please keep your dog on a leash. It makes it more enjoyable for everyone.</p>
Ann Marie Walker
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