Penns Hill Trail Loop

Wells Mills County Park

View of Wells Mills Lake in Wells Mills County Park - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff View of Wells Mills Lake in Wells Mills County Park - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff

Travel the white-blazed Penns Hill trail through picturesque wetlands and surprisingly hilly Pine Barrens terrain.

39.795622, -74.276569

Some important notes:

  • The park requires hikers sign in and out at the trail register located at the kiosk to the left of the outdoor restroom building.  (This restroom building is closed during the winter.) The box containing the trail register is a little tricky - bend down and look up underneath for the latch to open the vertical door that swings down.
  • Ticks are...

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March 01, 2014
great place to hike when there's snow up north
<p>This hike is classified as easy to moderate. &nbsp;It's easy because there's not a lot of gain, but I think it rates a pure "moderate" because of the length. &nbsp;This would not be easy for a novice hiker.&nbsp;</p> <p>Also, Waretown is east of the Parkway, and this park is west of the Parkway, so when you get to 532, go west, following the park signs.&nbsp;</p> <p>Thanks for finding this gem.</p>
February 23, 2012
Unlike any other Pine Barrens hike
<p>The Pine Barrens are known to be rather flat, and I was pleasantly surprised by the many hills on this hike. &nbsp;It makes it different than your typical stroll through the pines. &nbsp;Still, it's an easy hike that you can complete with sneakers. &nbsp;It was probably one of the best-blazed trails I've ever visited in New Jersey. &nbsp;We hiked the Penn's Hill trail this week (the official park map labels it as the "Macri Trail"), although we hiked it in the opposite direction. &nbsp;In spite of the warning signs next to the visitor center, we were happy to arrive home tick free (and that includes my dog).</p>
Jeffrey Jotz
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