Old Cedar Trail Loop in Campgaw Mountain County...

Campgaw Mountain County Reservation

View from the top of the ski slope - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from the top of the ski slope - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs gradually to the summit of Campgaw Mountain, with a sweeping view of Bergen County and the New York City skyline.

41.055566, -74.189722

From the southern entrance to the parking area, proceed west, crossing the park entrance road. You’ll notice three blue blazes on a utility pole to the right of a chained-off gravel road, which mark the start of the blue-blazed Rocky Ridge Trail. Just ahead, the Rocky Ridge Trail splits into two branches. You should continue ahead along the gravel road, soon crossing under high-voltage power...

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March 12, 2016
Very Nice Hike
<p>Trails were well maintained and easy to follow, climb was gradual, not too steep. Hiked today, 3/12/16, 65 degrees with no snow on the trail, but surprised to see people skiing at the top on man-made snow. The hike matched perfectly with the above hike description and the Trail Conference North Jersey map.&nbsp;</p>
September 29, 2014
Very Rocky!
<p>I hiked the red-on-white blazed trail today (which is apparently this one), and while the going is swift for the first mile in either direction, the back third of the trail is really rocky. And not "hopping from rock to rock like a dry creek bed" rocky, or even gravel, but the worst kind - densely spaced medium sized rocks with points and sharp ridges, which forces you to pick your way through like a pack mule. Walking parallel to the trail is not good either, since the rocks are still numerous and covered by leaves and grass. I can't imagine trying to hike this when all the leaves are on the ground. &nbsp;</p> <p>It's cool if that's what you're into, but I prefer a little smoother dirt track, which allows me to take in the beauty of the woods around me, rather than worrying about turning an ankle. So if you're hoping to get a good rhythm going, you might want to find a different trail.&nbsp;</p>
September 14, 2014
View from top of Ski Slope
<p>At the top of the Ski Slope, looking east you will see some tall buildings in the distance --- that is the skyline of White Plains, NY which is about 25 miles away.</p>
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