Musconetcong Gorge Loop

Musconetcong Gorge Preserve

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This loop hike combines a rugged traverse of a wooded ridge with a pleasant walk along an abandoned railroad parallel to the scenic Musconetcong River.

40.627326, -75.13559

After picking up a trail map and a guide to the Nature Trail (which will be your return route) from a kiosk in the parking area, head northeast, following the white-blazed trail, which is also marked with the teal diamond blazes of the Highlands Trail. The trail soon climbs over a slight rise and then descends. To the left, there are views through the trees of the Musconetcong River gorge....

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July 05, 2021
nice hike
This was a nice and quiet hike. As we didn't have maps available for the area, we were navigating with the directions provided here. Please note that the blaze colors appear to have changed a little. After crossing Scout Creek and boulders on the left, there is a white-blazed trail on the left (not red-blazed as in the description). Towards the end of the hike, when the railroad grade ends, you should look for the blue trail on the right, not orange. The blue trail leads you back to the parking area.
October 15, 2018
Decent hike
I did this alone yesterday. Probably 95% of this hike is in the woods so if you are looking for views, etc., this hike isn't for you. We've had tons of rain recently but the hike trail was good, not muddy. The creek was running high so if your in a similar spot be a bit careful crossing. I slipped and both feet went right in lol. I was at the parking lot on Dennis rd and there are 2 trail heads depending on you want to do the trail as described above, or reverse it. The White trail that is referred to above is actually (at least from my compass) was the East trail, not the NE. It is the blue teal marker but you don't see any white markings until you are maybe 50 yards in so it can be confusing. The hike was very easy so it's kid and pet friendly. If you want a bit more of a workout do it in reverse because above when you descend the white trail it's for a while so it would be better work going up rather than down. I wish this hike had more along the river below because it was raging with all the rain we've had. Overall a nice, leisurely hike and well enough marked so you won't get lost. Question for Daniel, is there any way to just get to the railbed for biking and if so, how long does it go? That looks like it would be a fun bike ride. Thanks!
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