Mine Trail/Roomy Mine Loop from the New Weis Center

Norvin Green State Forest

Blue Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin Blue Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes by two old iron mines, one of which extends about 60 feet into the hillside.

41.069759, -74.32163

This hike affords you the opportunity to enter the historic Roomy Mine (open from April 15 to September 15 only). Although the mine itself is high enough to permit you to stand, you’ll have to crawl a short distance to reach the entrance. Be sure to bring along a flashlight or headlamp!

From the southwestern end of the parking area, head uphill on the paved Snake Den Road,...

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March 19, 2009
Highlands Natural Pool info
<p>The Highlands Natural Pool welcomes visitors. For a modest fee you can spend the day and try us out! You can get more details on our website,<a href="http://www.highlandsnaturalpool.org/" target="_blank"> http://www.highlandspool.org</a>, or by calling 973-835-4299.</p>
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