Millstone Trail/Twin Hill Loop from Skyline Drive

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

A hiker at a millstone at Camp Glen Gray.  Photo by Daniel Chazin. A hiker at a millstone at Camp Glen Gray.  Photo by Daniel Chazin.

This loop hike passes interesting and historic millstones and climbs to a panoramic viewpoint over Bergen County and the New York City skyline.

41.047479, -74.251313

From the parking area, cross Skyline Drive. You will see a sign and a triple purple-on-white blaze on a telephone pole, marking the start of the Tamarack Loop. Follow the purple-on-white blazes, which turn right onto the paved road that leads into the former Camp Tamarack, then immediately turn left at a kiosk and proceed downhill on a winding footpath.

At the base of the descent, the...

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August 23, 2015
We tried this today
<p>We tried this hike today. After the view point at 996 ft, we did follow Orange\Yellow blazes instead of just Orange for a little bit but thanks to the amended instructions,went back and fount Orange only trail. That put us back on track. It was really good hike, we loved it. Thanks for the description.</p>
November 27, 2014
Your hike
<p>Although I cannot tell for sure what you did, it sounds like, when you returned from the viewpoint, you turned right on the orange-blazed Schuber Trail rather than continuing straight ahead on this trail, as the hike directions instruct you to do. That would have taken you in the wrong direction. I think that my description is quite clear in this regard, but I have amended it to make this even clearer.</p> <p>As for your comment about the faded maps, those maps were installed several years ago at the request of Camp Glen Gray. &nbsp;The inks used for printing our maps are not designed for exposure to sunlight, and they quickly fade when posted outdoors. &nbsp;I have forwarded your message to our cartographer for his consideration.</p>
Daniel Chazin
November 27, 2014
got lost
<p>Somewhere along the 8th paragraph (After enjoying the panoramic view...) my friend and I got lost. &nbsp;We continued along the orange blazes after going downhill and never saw the yellow-silver trail, historic cannonball road, old guard trail, etc. &nbsp;We went 1-2 miles out of the way (we think) and then just had to back track the path we took with tracking apps we had running on our phones to get back before the sunset. &nbsp;Our hike ended up 10.2 miles instead. &nbsp;The maps in the forest are faded so we also couldn't figure out how to correct the hike. &nbsp;It was a good hike up until the point where the directions no longer matched up with the trails.</p>
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