Millstone Trail Short Loop

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

This loop hike traverses the historic Millstone Trail and runs along the shore of Todd Lake.

41.047479, -74.251313

The Schuber Trail in Ramapo Mountain State Forest. Photo by Daniel Chazin.From the parking area, cross Skyline Drive. You will...

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April 18, 2013
Hike description has been updated
<p>As you can see, I have amended the hike description to include the&nbsp;warning that if you've reached the paved access road to Camp Glen Gray, you've gone too far and need to go back.&nbsp; I understand that others have made the same mistake as you did, so hopefully the cautionary language may alert them that they should not continue any further. Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention!</p>
Daniel Chazin
April 17, 2013
<p>See, I figured that's where I went wrong too! I definitely think adding the "do not cross the access road" would be a huge help. I was confused seeing the Yellow Diamond blazes at the same time as the normal White ones and kept thinking I was where I was supposed to be (after crossing the access road and two wooden bridges). I think my main problem was finding the original junction of both trails...something I'll definitely keep my eyes out for next time. Thank you so much for the quick response and all the help! Regardless of the detour, it was a beautiful hike nonetheless! And I got to see a part of Ramapo I had never been to before! Thank you!</p>
April 16, 2013
Your hike
<p>From the description of where you ended up, it sounds like you must have continued ahead on the Yellow Trail past the millstones.&nbsp; The hike directions state that, after visiting the millstones, you should&nbsp;"retrace your steps back to the junction of the Millstone and Yellow Trails, and bear left to continue on the Yellow Trail."&nbsp; Did you "retrace your steps"?&nbsp; If you did, you would not have reached the intersection of the Yellow, Orange and Yellow-Silver Trails.&nbsp; Perhaps I should add that if you cross the paved access road to Camp Glen Gray, you've gone too far.&nbsp; Would this have helped?</p>
Daniel Chazin
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