Manasquan Reservoir Perimeter

Manasquan Reservoir County Park

View of Manasquan Reservoir - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff View of Manasquan Reservoir - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff

This scenic 5.1-mile multi-use trail hugs a reservoir and is popular with families, bird watchers, pedestrians, equestrians and bicyclists. Mile markers make it great for training.

40.177496, -74.220371

The official start of the Perimeter Trail is at the Visitor Center on Windeler Road, However, there are several places to leave from, and we enjoy the Environmental Center off Georgia Tavern Road. Before hiking stop in at the Center to see the exhibits on local plant and wildlife, the birding area, and the Eagle Cam (a video camera filming the bald eagle nest in the area). There is also a...

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January 17, 2012
reservoir perimeter
<P>I've included the link to the Manasquan Reservoir; there is a contact phone number; they should be able to tell you exactly what is okay for wheelchair and if you can get around the perimeter.&nbsp;&nbsp; hope this helps you.</P> <P><A href=""></A></P>
January 15, 2012
Wheelchair accessible?
<p>I know that some parts of this area are accessible to wheelchairs. Does anyone know if it would be possible for me to push someone in a wheelchair around the entire reservoir? Thanks.</p>
April 06, 2011
Manasquan Reservoir Perimeter Hike
<p>Copied comment, on March 1st, 2011 by <a title="View user profile." href="users/trishaz717">trishaz717</a></p> <div class="content"> <p>I did this hike several weeks ago with my dog Chachi.&nbsp; There was still snow &amp; ice on about 3/4 of the trail -- I'm glad I had my boots on.&nbsp; It is a very easy trail to walk.&nbsp; The resevoir was still frozen, so there was not much wildlife.&nbsp; Although we did see about 5 deer running along the side of the trail.&nbsp; I passed probably about 2 dozen other walkers/runners on the trail, including a cross country track team from one of the local high schools.&nbsp; I can't wait to do this walk again in the spring.</p> </div>
Phil McLewin
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