LeGrande Hill/Ramapo Lake Longer Loop

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

Ramapo Lake - Photo by Daniel Chazin Ramapo Lake - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike climbs to several panoramic viewpoints in the Ramapo Mountains and loops around scenic Ramapo Lake.

41.032596, -74.251801

Stone Ruins along MacEvoy Trail. Photo by Daniel Chazin.

At the southern end of the parking area, a triple black...

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June 17, 2012
Thanks for the reply and the
<p>Thanks for the reply and the updated info!!</p>
June 12, 2012
Hike has been updated
<p>Thanks for posting your comments on the hike.&nbsp; Because of your comments, I decided to recheck the hike myself, and I now fully understand why you missed the turn.&nbsp; The first turn onto the woods road is no longer identifiable as such, as a huge blowdown has obscured the road coming in on the left.&nbsp; I thought it best to eliminate mention of the woods roads and just mention the turn onto the paved estate road, which is clearly identifiable.&nbsp; And I'm not at all surprised that you missed the turn of the yellow-blazed trail off of the road.&nbsp; The turn is very poorly blazed, and I would probably have missed it myself were it not for the fact that I was counting my paces to measure the 500-foot distance.&nbsp; The trails chair for the area has been informed of the issue with the blazing, and I am sure that he will be taking corrective action.&nbsp; In the meantime, I have updated the hike description.&nbsp; Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!</p>
Daniel Chazin
June 07, 2012
nice hike, but did it a little differently
<p>Nice hike!! &nbsp;We missed part of the hike, but ended up in the right place. &nbsp;When reading the description, the 5th paragraph says: &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>"It turns right and follows the road, then bears right at the next two junctions onto intersecting roads. In about 500 feet, the yellow blazes turn left, leaving the road, and reenter the woods..."&nbsp;</p> <p>I kept looking for the 2nd right junction, and therefore didn't see the yellow blazes go back into the woods, but maybe I missed it.(?) &nbsp; In any event, we just kept walking on the road looking for the 2nd junction and eventually saw the private residence (refer to the last paragraph), so we cut out a few paragraphs, but didn't get lost. &nbsp;</p> <p>The hike is good, but it was very isolated, so if you don't like being all alone this might not be for you. &nbsp;In the beginning when we got on the Lookout trail, we only saw 1 person from that point until we got on the road that &nbsp;goes along the lake near the end. &nbsp;Nice viewpoints, solitude, rock slabs at viewpoints are nice places to rest. &nbsp;</p>
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