Long Path/Old Erie Railroad Bed Loop (Piermont to Nyack)

Clausland Mountain County Park

Old Erie Railroad Piermont Station - Photo by Daniel Chazin Old Erie Railroad Piermont Station - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike traverses historic Rockland Cemetery, goes through the remains of a pre-World War I rifle range and returns via a rail-trail with views over the Hudson River.

41.040197, -73.915779

Walk back to 450 Piermont Avenue (the building with a large mural painted on it) and turn right onto Tate Avenue, a narrow street which heads uphill, soon curving to the right. You will notice the aqua blazes of the Long Path, which you will follow for the next six miles. When you reach a flight of stairs on the left, climb the stairs, and continue uphill along a footpath that leads to Ash...

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January 02, 2020
nice trails
Well marked and well maintained, this hike has a nice variety of terrain even though you're rarely out of earshot of traffic. The trail is paved until you leave the cemetery and then again as you exit the Long Trail at Bradley Hill Rd. Be aware, as of today, 01/2/20, the Rail Trail is unmarked and it starts right as you cross at the light on the opposite side of the Thruway. It starts as a double bike/pedestrian path and is newly built. This is a long hike but the flat Rail Trail makes it feel shorter.
June 19, 2011
Interesting hike..with a few missing views.
<p>The pre-World War I tunnel is extremely interesting; and its amazing how u manage to find such facts. Kudos for that. Maybe it was because of the vegetation outgrowth, but we couldn't catch any "good" views of the Hackensack River Valley, and we couldn't quite make out New York or Newark either. Maybe it was just the time of the year that we had chosen to go on the trail. But the Nyack College, and the path to get to Old Erie Railroad bed was really nice!. One other useful tip for people doing this trail: The last part of the trail after u turn right onto Clinton Ave in South Nyack; there is a trail beginning clearly indicated as soon as u get onto Clinton Ave. Its quite a wide path (with none of the railways tracks actually still present ;)), and used by bikers and joggers. On Google Maps, its indicated as Raymond G Esposito Trail/Old Erie Path. Views on this part of the trail are amazing!</p>
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