Iron Mines Loop #3 (Northwest/Lemon Squeezer)

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

A hiker at the Lemon Squeezer - Photo by Daniel Chazin A hiker at the Lemon Squeezer - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike traverses the ridge of Surebridge Mountain, passes by the historic Greenwood and Surebridge Mines and climbs through the narrow Lemon Squeezer.

41.274686, -74.08966

Towards the southern end of the parking area (near a dumpster), you’ll notice a triple blue blaze, which marks the start of the Lake Tiorati Trail. Proceed uphill on this trail to the ridge of Fingerboard Mountain, following the old route of Arden Valley Road for part of the way. At the top, turn left on the joint Appalachian Trail (A.T.) (white)/Ramapo-Dunderberg (R-D) Trail (red dot on white...

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June 10, 2018
Good long hike but clarification or trail maintenance may help
** Please read the revised instructions in Manning Krull's review before attempting this hike*** - I did not, and wish I had. Did this Friday Jun 8 with a friend, saw a total of 8 other hikers coming in or out and one at the Lemon Squeezer so it was a nice uninterrupted hike. We moved at a purposeful pace and even with a few setbacks completed the hike in 5 hours. Finding the BottleCap trail was NOT easy - we passed that descent and continued for about 15 minutes until reaching Times Square, which I realized was not in this loop. We had to backtrack and look for the white bottle caps. Unfortunately, there were a few problems here: 1. The bottle caps are NOT white-they are painted, rusted, many different colors, and 2. They are small and there are not enough of them for the amount of meandering that the trail does. We are no novice hikers and we spent about 20 extra minutes on the Bottlecap trail looking for the next bottle cap in all directions before making small advances along the trail. It became rather frustrating to two very easygoing people. The rest of the hike went well - all other trails were well-marked. About 5 minutes into the final Aqua Long Path loop, a running brook cascades down boulders just off to the left of the trail and this was a nice place to stop and see little crayfish and frogs in the water, though it is near the end of the hike. Overall I'd say this hike moderate, not really strenuous.
August 05, 2013
Great hike - A few notes for clarification
<p>I just did this hike (August 2013) and really enjoyed it! There's so much interesting terrain and so many interesting things to see. I'd printed out the description above and brought it with me, and I found a few things confusing, so I've taken the libery of adding some notes to the description which will hopefully be helpful to other people who want to do this hike. I've posted the description with my notes here:</p>
Manning Krull
June 05, 2012
Bradley Mine
<P>The description of the Bradley Mine interested me so, this morning I hiked from the Tiorati parking lot to the mine.&nbsp; There are two trails that lead up to the mine.&nbsp; Both of them are across the road from the norteast end of the swamp and within a 150 feet of each other.&nbsp; The left most trail is a much easier hike than the one to the right, which is rather steep and filled with loose tailings.&nbsp; Both trails have "Restricted Area, Do Not Enter" signs posted near the trails.&nbsp; The signs do not seem to stop people from visiting the mine as I removed a kitchen trash bag full of plastic bottles, cans, and candy wrappers from the mine.</P> <P>The previous commentor is correct, visiting the mine is "well worth the effort,"&nbsp; The entrance is a narrow slit in the rock that goes back about 80 feet to the entrance of the mine, which appears to be over a 100 feet deep.&nbsp; Like all the other mines in the area it is filled with water, but there is a ledge along the right side that goes in about 50 feet.&nbsp; The mine is at least three times the size of the Boston mine.&nbsp; I'm glad I made the trip :-)</P>
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