Highlands Trail/Pine Swamp Trail/Ogden Mine Railbed Loop

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

Saffin Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin Saffin Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to the Headley Overlook, goes over the highest point in Morris County, passes the unusual Pine Swamp and follows the railbed of the historic Ogden Mine Railroad.

41.007884, -74.586525

On the southeast side of the parking area, you will notice a triple black-diamond-on-teal blaze, marking the start of a connector trail to the Highlands Trail. Follow the black-diamond-on-teal blazes, which head east along Saffin Pond. Several side trails on the right lead to viewpoints over the pond.


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December 31, 2019
Thank you!!!
Thank you for the link. Sorry about the double post!
December 31, 2019
Link to updated map of Highlands Trail
<p>Unfortunately, the Morris County Park Commission has not yet updated its map of Mahlon Dickerson County Reservation to show the major reroute of the Highlands Trail. A sketch map of the reroute is available at&nbsp;www.nynjtc.org/sites/default/files/u2513/mahlon%20reroute%209-19.jpg</p>
Daniel Chazin
December 31, 2019
updated map?
Happy New Year. With the detours and changes to the Highlands Trail, is there an updated map online that we can follow? The Park Commission map was last updated on 6/2016.
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