Appalachian Trail/Long Path Loop from Silvermine Picnic...

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Appalachian Trail/Long Path Loop - Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks - Photo: Daniel Chazin Appalachian Trail/Long Path Loop - Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks - Photo: Daniel Chazin William Brien Memorial Shelter - Appalachian Trail/Long Path Loop - Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks - Photo: Daniel Chazin William Brien Memorial Shelter - Appalachian Trail/Long Path Loop - Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike follows portions of the Appalachian Trail and the Long Path, passing Silvermine Lake and Lake Nawahunta.

41.295607, -74.05961

This hike climbs over a series of ridges in the northern portion of Harriman State Park. It includes sections of two long-distance trails – the Appalachian Trail, which extends for over 2,150 miles from Maine to Georgia, and of the Long Path, which runs for about 350 miles, from the George Washington Bridge to near Albany, New York. The hike offers only limited views, especially in the summer...

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December 22, 2018
A hike less traveled
Just did this hike this afternoon. Very wet on the trails and windy. Wind chill had to be in the 20s. A very well thought out circuit hike. The only place where it is hard to navigate is near the Brien shelter on the Menomime Trail, turning right onto AT/Ramapo-Dunderberg. I've done this hike before, and I have had to backtrack because I missed the turn. The ramapo-dunderberg trail is not very well marked in some spots on this hike (the painting on some of the trees are so faded that one has to squint to make them out). AT is well-marked. The section of the Long Path is sparsely blazed--it could use more frequent blazes. Overall, a good hike with lots of gentle climbs and sections of old unmarked roads make this interesting. An interesting lollipop loop could be done by adding on Baileytown Road all the way to Twin Lakes and back. that would add another 2 or so miles.
March 10, 2018
Late Feb. hike
Amazing how the lakes have thawed out so quickly. Only 3 weeks ago folks were walking out on the lakes and fishing , now only some smaller ponds have any ice . ..and it's only February!.. The weather was actually perfect for hiking and really enjoyed getting outdoors for a late winter hike. The trails and terrain were varied and the climbs and distance were just enough to make this hike a valid workout. Even with the trees being bare, the views were nothing exceptional but the hike is still interesting and the varied terrain makes it nice. One warning. I passed right by the start of the yellow blazed Menomine trail along the Long Path trail and climbed a steep bluff to the Stockbridge shelter before realizing my error and backtracking to the trail head. The markings are off to the right not far below Hippo Rock...or to the left if you're backtracking ...
June 16, 2014
hike directions
<P>Daniel,</P> <P>We took this hike this past weekend as well as another and can say that any messups were our own and if you don't see a marker within a few minutes, you should know enough that you did something wrong.&nbsp;&nbsp; What, however, is confusing about this hike is the junction at the Brien shelter.&nbsp;&nbsp; Maybe this has changed over time as hikers have redefined the main trails.&nbsp;&nbsp; I would currently describe the yellow Menomine Trail as passing directly in front of the shelter.&nbsp;&nbsp; I would ALSO describe the AT trail as passing directly in front of the shelter making the two trails overlap for that short distance.&nbsp; So, if you pass the shelter on the left and continue 50 feet down the yellow trail, you've technically passed the AT junction you wanted to turn right on.&nbsp; There was a red on white maker for the RD trail that you will see but many campers use that area as well and you might end up walking through their camp.&nbsp;&nbsp; Even if you do that, you can get confused because there are some other white looking markers&nbsp;that you can confuse for the&nbsp;AT markers&nbsp;that take you to a small spring.&nbsp;&nbsp; We followed those and then saw no more markers wondering where we got lost..&nbsp;&nbsp; We were later told by another hiker who agreed that those markers may look white but are technically real light blue and actually do just take you to that spring and that's the end of them.&nbsp;&nbsp;</P> <P>So, the right turn you want really is slightly BEFORE the shelter.&nbsp;&nbsp; Hopefully, this will help other hikers.</P>
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