Suffern to Sloatsburg via S-BM, Kakiat and Pine Meadow...

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Gorge of Torne Brook along the Kakiat Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin Gorge of Torne Brook along the Kakiat Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This one-way hike, with return by Transit of Rockland's #93 bus, traverses some little-used areas of the park and passes many interesting rock formations.

41.117488, -74.155373

From the parking lot, proceed north on Orange Avenue a short distance to the trailhead on the right (just north of a large sign for the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail). Turn right and proceed rather steeply uphill, following the yellow blazes of the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail. After climbing about 200 vertical feet in 0.2 mile, you’ll reach a south-facing viewpoint from open...

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January 19, 2016
No parking passes
<p>&nbsp; &nbsp;The town of Suffern no longer issues daily parking passes, in fact, the location at 74 Lafayette Ave is an empty store front. You must use Parkmobile by calling &nbsp;877-727-5730 &nbsp;and pay the $6.05 by phone or download the Parkmobile app and sign up for an account. I think there's an extra charge if you pay by phone so I recommend downloading the free app.</p> <p>&nbsp; I took this hike yesterday in freezing temperatures and had a great hike. 2 problems arose along the way...</p> <p>&nbsp; The strenuous portions of the trail caused me to work up a sweat which is not good in freezing temps and gusting winds, so I figured out that opening my jacket and removing &nbsp;my gaiter prior to a steep climb helped midigate the problem. I would then bundle up again at the top .</p> <p>&nbsp; Another issue was my water tube freezing up due to the exposure to the wind and cold. I use a Camelback and luckily the tube can be detached from the water bladder . I warmed up the tube with my hands, drained it and stored it in my pack, stopping occasionally to reattach it for a drink.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp; This hike took me the full 6.5 hrs with a few brief stops. It is advisable to use ice cleats as portions of the hike were extremely treacherous due to the dusting of snow and some ice. I only saw a few poeple towards the end of the hike near the Reeves Meadow Center.</p>
November 21, 2015
Good Route For Running
<p>This hike also makes for a nice trail run, if you are so inclined- i've done it many times :)</p>
Michael K7
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