Green Pond/Boston Mine Shorter Loop from Route 106

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Boston Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin Boston Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes the historic Boston Mine and pristine Green Pond.

41.234516, -74.148972

From the parking area, cross the road and bear left onto the White Bar Trail, blazed with white horizontal rectangles. The trail parallels the road for about 500 feet, then turns right, crosses a stream on a metal culvert, and continues on a woods road. A short distance beyond, it bears right at a fork, crosses a stream on rocks, and continues along a grassy woods road. 

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July 11, 2018
A hot day for me and my dog!
If I were alone, it would have been fine, but the "easy" rating made me think it would be a little smoother (my own mistaken interpretation). I brought my senior dog with me who used to go hiking with me all the time but in the past year pulled his back leg a few times. I figured that if there were a few sketchy areas I would just carry him, but I wound up carrying him quite a bit! Some of the rocky areas by the lake were challenging, even if he wasn't favoring the leg. It took us about 3 hours to make it back to the car. I took frequent water breaks for my dog... and a few for myself! You really work up a sweat carrying a 21 pound dog up a rocky mountain trail in 80 degree weather! The directions were so clear (as others have mentioned - make sure you know how to read trail blazes. It's a simple google search, one I did before my first "real" hike and the best decision you could make). The ONE time I got a little mixed up was on the way back, when you are supposed to follow the white blazes (N trail) that is parallel to the orange/yellow blazes which are closer to the pond. I couldn't find the white ones, so I followed the orange until they met up and I looked backward to see that I had missed some of the (easier) white trail. Further ahead some kind soul had put up brand new plastic white blazes with a black N written on them to guide us back to the car. Some areas were very overgrown and hard to find trail markers. No water in the stream or mine opening in mid July! The old mine opening and view of the pond and everything were really great. Bring lunch, there is a big flat area after you pass the lake where you can have a picnic with a great view and lots of shade and cool breeze.
September 04, 2016
across the road
<p>Did this hike today, a nice trail and some good sites. Ran into hikers that stayed in the parking lot trail. This trail is across the street of the parking lot. I see where the other hiker made her mistake. I followed other hikers and realized they were going elsewhere. overall nice and quick.</p>
November 11, 2014
Directions are great. I'm a ditz.
<p>Nice hike, great directions. I made the mistake of thinking I had already turned right onto the white Nurian trail after the lake and went left downhill. BIG MISTAKE. I don't know why I kept going, but I said to myself, there is no way this is an easy hike. Scrambling down boulders, etc. Finally I realized I was being stupid and turned around only to realize how far downhill I had ventured. Hiking back up was really hard for me as I'm out of shape and had my two chihuahuas with me but it was manageable.&nbsp;</p> <p>Anyway, since I knew where I made my mistake finding my way back was easy and finding the right path was fine.&nbsp;</p> <p>Lesson....if you start to think you're going in the wrong direction, stop and think instead of plowing ahead like you know where you're going! :)</p>
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