Sugarloaf Hill and Osborn Loop Trail

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

View of rocks along trail - Sugarloaf Hill and Osborn Loop Trail - Photo: Daniel Chazin View of rocks along trail - Sugarloaf Hill and Osborn Loop Trail - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike follows carriage roads of a former estate and climbs to an outstanding viewpoint over the Hudson River and the Bear Mountain Bridge.

41.370278, -73.945

From the parking area, head north into a field, following a blue-blazed trail which curves to the right, with blazed posts marking the route. At the eastern edge of the field, the trail climbs into the woods, soon reaching a woods road. Follow the blue-blazed trail as it turns right onto the woods road, which ascends gradually and then levels off. Soon, you’ll reach a viewpoint to the...

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May 12, 2019
Great Hike! Perfect description
Did this hike today with three friends. It's a really great long hike with some beautiful ponds, streams, outlooks and dramatic fallen trees and remnants from the storm last year. It was a bit muddy at times, but you can make your way around it. The trail instructions here were spot-on and very helpful as there are many junctions and different trails intersecting. Also, as someone else posted about getting from Garrison train station to the trailhead; once you get up to Garrison Institute just keep going around the building and through their parking lot to 9D and you'll see the entrance across the street! Thanks so much for great trail instructions!!
April 01, 2019
Hike and mileage have been updated
<p>Thank you for your comment on my hike.&nbsp; You are indeed correct that the hike is significantly longer than 7 miles.&nbsp; Trail Conference Map 101, which now contains mileages on the face of the map, indicates that the hike is actually 8.2 miles long, and I have changed the hike mileage accordingly.&nbsp; I have also updated the hike description with information regarding the devastation caused by the severe storms in May 2018.</p>
Daniel Chazin
March 31, 2019
More Like 8.5 Miles
This was a great hike with views that offered enough challenge to both a seasoned hiker and a fit novice. However, the total mileage that we ended up with was 8.5 miles, not 7. Not sure if we somehow misread the directions here, but we were a bit surprised by the additional time we were out on the trail. We wondered if the devastation evident from the tornadoes that cut through this part of Putnam County in May 2018 may have caused some re-routing, resulting in a longer hike? No matter. Few other hikers were seen on an unseasonably warm spring Saturday, so this is a nice break from the often over-crowded hikes nearby, e.g., Breakneck.
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