Nelsonville/Washburn/Cornish/Breakneck Ridge Trail Loop

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

Ruins of the Cornish Dairy Farm - Photo by Daniel Chazin Ruins of the Cornish Dairy Farm - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike passes the ruins of a dairy farm and climbs to an outstanding viewpoint over the Hudson River and Bull Hill.

41.424397, -73.949215

From the parking area, proceed east on Secor Street until you reach the trailhead for the Nelsonville Trail which is on the left side of the road, opposite 29 Secor Street. This green-blazed trail is marked with plastic markers which feature the logo of a bull (the blazing may be sparse in places). Almost immediately, the trail crosses a stream. After crossing the stream, the trail turns left...

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September 17, 2016
<p>Just a note regarding parking. The Masonic lodge has not one but two&nbsp;'Private Property No Parking' signs on their side of the gravel lot. The house on the other side also has no parking signs. I'm paranoid about coming back after a long hike to find my car has been towed, so signs like this in the designated parking are scare me. In the front left (closest to Secor St.) there is a Winter Parking Area sign, so I took this to mean that it was safe to park here.</p> <p>The trailhead for the Undercliff (yellow) trail is also in the rear of the lot, so there's no need to walk down Secor to get to the green Nelsonville trail.&nbsp;When I was there yesterday there was a small 'trail' sign with an arrow. Be advised that there are a LOT of well traveled unmarked trails in this area.</p>
July 07, 2016
Hike can be done in opposite direction
<p>This hike, like nearly every hike, can be done in the opposite direction, if you so choose. &nbsp;Alternatively, you could take the return train one stop from Breakneck Ridge to Cold Spring, get off and spend some time there, then return to New York City on a later train.</p>
Daniel Chazin
July 07, 2016
Can this be done backwards?
<p>We were planning on coming up Saturday to hike Breakneck but want to stop in Cold Spring before we take the train back to NYC. Can this hike be done starting on the Breakneck Ridge Trail, turning onto Notch and taking it to Nelsonville trail to finish?&nbsp;</p>
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