Celery Farm Natural Area

Celery Farm

View of Lake Appert - Photo by Daniel Chazin View of Lake Appert - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike loops around a scenic pond on a level footpath.

41.033876, -74.127127

Lake Appert from the south. Photo by Daniel Chazin.Despite the fact that it is located in the midst of suburbia and surrounded by private homes, the Celery Farm Natural Area is a...

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July 15, 2012
Thank you!
<p>Thanks for a great description.&nbsp; It was really very helpful.</p> <p>This is a nice family walk indeed, very easy.&nbsp; I went on a hot and muggy day and it was a shourt enough trip around that it wasn't too bad.&nbsp; The trail is cleared enough that I was able to push a stroller on it (A big wheeled, off road stroller - a lot of strollers probably wouldn't be able to handle it).</p> <p>Saw lots and lots of Turtles too, which was really nice.</p> <p>- Alice</p>
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