Carris Hill/Wyanokie High Point Loop from Otter Hole

Norvin Green State Forest

Wanaque Reservoir from Wyanokie High Point - Photo by Daniel Chazin Wanaque Reservoir from Wyanokie High Point - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to panoramic viewpoints on Carris Hill and Wyanokie High Point and returns via pleasant footpaths and woods roads.

41.045837, -74.350383

From the eastern end of the parking area, at the sign "Welcome to Bloomingdale," follow the blue-blazed Hewitt-Butler Trail, which heads north and descends to Posts Brook at Otter Hole, an attractive cascade and waterfall. Here the trail crosses the brook on large boulders.

Just beyond the brook, the light-green-blazed Otter Hole Trail leaves to the left, and the Hewitt-Butler Trail is...

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September 11, 2017
Great Hike
Lots of great views.
May 01, 2017
Hike description has been updated
<p>Thank you very much for your comments on my hike description. &nbsp;I agree that the mention of the Y-intersection towards the start of the hike is confusing, and I have deleted the mention of this intersection. &nbsp;As for the intersection between the green-blazed Otter Hole Trail and the red-on-white-blazed Wyanokie Circular Trail later on along the hike, your comments indicate that the blazing of the Wyanokie Circular Trail in this area may need to be improved. &nbsp;I have informed the Trails Chairs who are responsible for these trails, and they will be checking into the situation and making any necessary improvements.</p>
Daniel Chazin
April 30, 2017
Beautiful hike, directions could maybe use an update?
We did this hike just yesterday and it was challenging but satisfying with beautiful panoramic views from the high point. It was fun to cross across the stream via log and stones a few times and the waterfall was lovely. We saw many others out enjoying the trails as well. Be careful sitting too close to boulders, as we were sitting enjoying the views of the Wanaque Reservoir, a 3-4 ft long black snake slithered out from under a large boulder and right across our path, it was non-venomous and harmless but just stay aware as always. There are a few spots the directions were a bit tricky and/or could use an update. For example towards the very start where it says "Continue ahead, following the blue and teal diamond blazes along a rocky woods road. When you reach the next Y-intersection, take the right fork" in our experience the teal/blue blazes trail actually continued on the left fork...we followed the right fork anyway for a bit as per the directions, it appeared to be white marked but ended abruptly at the stream so we retraced our steps and were able to follow the rest of the directions for much of the way. The only spot we later had issues were after we had seen Hi-Point, were on the white-blazed trail then the light green blazed Otter Hole Trail we weren't able to find this part of the directions "Near the top of the climb, the red-on-white-blazed Wyanokie Circular Trail crosses." It might be helpful to have some distances described for the light green trail portion, we were not sure how long we should be on it but we also did not see any other trails or markers for some time. We saw a very faded looking red on white marker next to a green marker but the brightly marked green trail also went left and there was no other discernible trail. We saw a very faint faded red on white marker again later too (also next to a clearly marked light green marker) but the trail continued to be clearly marked light green for most of the way, and unfortunately we did not see any markers for the orange-blazed Outlaw Trail. Unfortunately we did wind up missing the views of Buck Mountain probably. Luckily there was a sign for Otter Hole Parking later along the green trail and we were able to make our way out. For the most part the directions were great and I would do this hike again! Most trails were very clearly marked, we were able to see all the main points of the hike and the signs at some points of the trails were very helpful too. I'm not sure if we made a mistake somewhere or if the trails have changed a bit since the last update (the very faint faded red on white markers made us think it might be the case).
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