Carris Hill Loop from Otter Hole

Norvin Green State Forest

Wanaque Reservoir from Carris Hill - Photo by Daniel Chazin Wanaque Reservoir from Carris Hill - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from Carris Hill - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from Carris Hill - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike passes two attractive waterfalls and climbs Carris Hill, with a broad panorama to the east over the Wanaque Reservoir.

41.045837, -74.350383

From the eastern end of the parking area, at the sign "Welcome to Bloomingdale," follow the blue-blazed Hewitt-Butler Trail, which heads north and descends to Posts Brook at Otter Hole, an attractive cascade and waterfall. Here the trail crosses the brook on large boulders.

Just beyond the brook, the light-green-blazed Otter Hole Trail leaves to the left, and the Hewitt-Butler Trail is...

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May 04, 2014
Amazing hike
<p>Did this hike this AM with my 3 daughters (ages 5, 7 and 9). &nbsp;Unlike previous comments other have made for this hike we found the trail easy to follow, using either the map or the route description both of which were accurate and sufficiently detailed, the falls were running strong and beautiful, the views from the top were all we could have hoped for including the Manhattan skyline in the distance, and even the bugs weren't too bad...</p> <p>I would probably rate this hike as easy or maybe easy to moderate, but we do a lot of hiking so maybe our standards are a bit off.</p> <p>Thank you for a beautiful morning!</p>
April 11, 2012
Carris Hill Hike
<P>The streams and waterfalls are pretty much dried up since we're in a drought since January.&nbsp;&nbsp; We are reviewing the trail directions in the hike description, but the map iteself is correct per what is on the ground.&nbsp;&nbsp; It is important that when one is on top of Carris Hill at the end of the yellow trail, that you turn left, which is going back south, to head back to your car for a loop hike.&nbsp; The yellow trail ends in a T with the combined Blue/Teal Diamond.&nbsp;</P> <P>I've sent you a private email so you may contact me directly about this hike.&nbsp; Yes, the trails in Norvin Green can be</P> <P>confusing, that's why we have a free map available at the trailheads, but we are curious as to what your planned route and actual route was.&nbsp;</P>
April 11, 2012
Dried up waterfalls and streams
<P>My friend and i went hiking Carris Hill trail yesterday and enjoyed the challenge of the hike. However, the description in the trail hike did not match the actual trail! First off we did not see any waterfalls&nbsp;and the&nbsp;big streams (probably due to the time of year) were mostly&nbsp;dried up and covered with leaves. I think the trail map also needs to be updated and a little more user friendly. because those too did not vibe with the actual trails directions! We spent about 5 hours hiking around and ultimately gave up and a really kind person working outside in one of the properties we passed, was nice enough to offer us a ride back to our car. How embarrassing, but what a relief! We are not expert hikers nor are we novic, but we can manage&nbsp; a map pretty good, but what a mess!&nbsp;When&nbsp;we finally got&nbsp;off the trail, we saw graffiti&nbsp;on&nbsp;a message board from other hikers, explaining their irritation from the confusing trails too. Go figure!&nbsp;We did however enjoy some pretty good views and had some nice panoramic picture ops, albeit a bit disappointed we did not see the waterfalls!</P>
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