Buck Mountain Loop from Otter Hole

Norvin Green State Forest

View from Buck Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from Buck Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to several expansive viewpoints on Buck Mountain and returns along a pleasant woods road.

41.045837, -74.350383

From the eastern end of the parking area, at the sign “Welcome to Bloomingdale,” follow the blue-blazed Hewitt-Butler Trail, which heads north and descends to Posts Brook at Otter Hole, an attractive cascade and waterfall. Here the trail crosses the brook on large boulders. Just beyond the brook, you’ll reach a junction where the light-green-blazed Otter Hole Trail leaves to the left. Turn...

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June 16, 2020
Fun hike for a family
This hike took us the prescribed 3 hours (with 2 snack breaks!) but our Apple watch said it was 5 miles, not 4, for those who are interested. The first 3rd of the hike is more in the strenuous side of things with a very steep climb up the mountain. We had a group that ranged from 7 to 60 and all of us enjoyed it and were able to complete it. The first third had the most views as well as stepping across the rocks on the stream which is fun for kids especially and the latter two thirds involves traveling through the forest in different terrains(we went in the summer so the brooks were more dried up). Without the perfect turn-by-turn instructions here we would've been struggling so I am very grateful for this clear description. (Only note: When you are leaving the Red-and-White circle trail the description says "marked by a large cairn", it is a cairn but not particularly large just a pile of intentional rocks!) Strong recommend on this hike!
June 26, 2016
Great Hike
<p>Good hike, good directions. Just 2 comments....it sure seemed more than 4.1 miles ....and the one rock climb is a little tough for us octogenarians!</p>
June 22, 2016
Lovely hike!
<p>I enjoyed that we had the entire trail to ourselves and being that it was very well marked, I would recommend it to anyone that is not afraid of a climbing up some big rocks. You do get rewarded after climbing these rocks with magnificent views!</p>
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