Mount Tammany Loop

Worthington State Forest

The Delaware River as seen from Mount Tammany - Photo by Dan Chazin The Delaware River as seen from Mount Tammany - Photo by Dan Chazin

This loop hike steeply climbs Mount Tammany, with panoramic views, and follows scenic Dunnfield Creek.

40.9718, -75.1255

Start of the Red Dot trail. Photo by Dan Chazin.Near the entrance to the parking area, you will see a sign for the Mt. Tammany Trail (also known as the Red Dot...

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January 25, 2017
Mt. Tammany
Hiked Mt. Tammany for the first time this early morning/late afternoon. Although it wasn't difficult to navigate through, the description to this hike is very much accurate and super helpful. I did this hike in about 3 hours. Not much foot traffic on a Wednesday which was nice for some much needed solitude. The weather was partly cloudy/mostly sunny with a high of 50 degrees. The view was spectacular! Once descending down the blue trail, a small sheet of ice/snow covered most of the trail with a whole lot of rocks peeping through. I actually broke out my microspikes and going down was breeze. The waterfall, bridge, and hiking along Dunnfield Creek was a great way to end a moderate to strenuous hike. It was like looking at a Bob Ross painting! Definitely a go to hike!
September 11, 2016
Mt. Tammany
<p>Did this hike yesterday (9/10/16), although the temperature and humidity were way up there, so it was a good thing that I had lots of water with me.&nbsp; This was a weekend, so there were&nbsp;a ton&nbsp;of people on the trail (shades of Breakneck Ridge on a weekend!).&nbsp; As noted, it's a steep climb, but no rock-scrambling, unless you count the talus slope part of it.&nbsp; The only addition I'd make to Mr. Chazin's description is that there are two different spots near the top of Mt. Tammany with good views, not just the one that he mentions, which is just a few yards before the end of the Red-Dot Trail.&nbsp; The other is about 0.06miles earlier/lower, where there is a rocky clearing, and you have to go downhill&nbsp;to the right of the blazed trail about 0.03miles.&nbsp; Both have good, but different views, with the one at the top giving a more unobstructed view of Mt. Kinsi.&nbsp;I went up Mt. Kinsi a couple of weeks ago, and I found the views from Mt. Tammany better.</p>
June 30, 2016
Red Dot Trail
<p>Hiked Mt. Tammany yesterday early morning. We did see a black bear cub near the first scenic lookout, about a 1/2 mile in. Just a reminder to play it safe on the trails. Instagram selfies with a bear in the background may get you likes, but it is not safe. This comment is just a reminder to educate yourselves on what to do if you see a bear.&nbsp;</p>
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