Bare Rock Trail to Greenwood Lake Overlook

Sterling Forest State Park

Greenwood Lake from the Bare Rock viewpoint - Photo by Daniel Chazin Greenwood Lake from the Bare Rock viewpoint - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes ruins of former mining activity and climbs to Bare Rock, with panoramic views over Greenwood Lake.

41.1989, -74.25684

Ruins of brick and concrete buldings used for mining. Photo by Daniiel Chazin.Leave the park...

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October 09, 2014
very nice, with varied terrain
<p>The hike starts out on a paved road, goes through some historic sites, and then gradually gains some elevation with some rolling hills in some lovely glades and forest clearings. &nbsp;I like this hike because near the end is the nice steep hill climb up to the fire tower. &nbsp;Did this hike end of September and the leaves on the trees were just magnificent. &nbsp;This is a good hike to start out with for those who want to step up and add some mileage to their hikes, without all that elevation gain. &nbsp;What I like also is that the trails are extremely well marked, probably one of the best maintained trail circuits in the whole NY/NJ area.&nbsp;</p>
June 17, 2014
Mileage Correction
<p>Just did this hike with my hiking club on Sunday and both GPSs calculated the mileage to be 8.5 miles. You may want to revise your description. It's a great hike--wonderful views at Bare Rock and of course from the tower.&nbsp;</p>
June 09, 2012
a couple of minor things
<p>I did this hike today and had a great time.&nbsp; Just wanted to make a couple of notes to the description - the trail out to bare rock is now blazed orange with binoculars on the blaze and says Bare Rock Vista - you can't miss it.&nbsp; Also, in the flooded area near the beaver pond the fire tower trail is completely re-routed around it.&nbsp; I saw some pink ribbons from the past and to me it looks like it has been rerouted totally around, so no bush whack was necessary.</p> <p>Last thing I would say, and just mu opinion, I would rate this as a moderate to streneous.&nbsp; The first two thirds are moderate - only the last part prior to getting to the fire tower would be strenuous.&nbsp; Before that there are a couple of little climbs but nothing too major.</p> <p>Thanks for a good hike description.&nbsp; Had a great day.&nbsp; I had never been to Sterling - it was nice to see Greenwood Lake from the other side.</p>
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