Balsam Mountain Catskill High Peak

Catskill Park

View from near the summit of Balsam Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from near the summit of Balsam Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to the summit of Balsam Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the Catskills.

42.097044, -74.51005

Balsam Mountain is one of the 35 peaks in the Catskill Mountains that is over 3,500 feet in elevation. During the winter, it makes an ideal snowshoe hike under appropriate conditions. Trail conditions in the Catskills constantly change - especially in the winter - so make sure to check the weather report and the condition of the trails before you embark on the hike. Recent trip reports of...

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August 11, 2019
Catskill Balsam Mountain Loop (8/10/2019)
Beautiful thick forest, one lovely viewpoint. Lost cell reception before we made it to the parking area so a hard copy/offline map is a good idea. Decided to do the loop clockwise so the doggo could cool his paws in the stream crossings at the end of the hike. He approved. It was very peaceful until we heard the barrage of shots from what we assume is a local firing range. Doggo was not amused. No port-a-potties at this parking area but room for a dozen or so cars.
October 15, 2013
Balsam and Bellayre
<p>Lovely hike. We did the route counter clockwise as described, but added on Belleayre Mountain, making it a 7.2 mile hike. Not many people on the trail, especially for a weekend. The stream crossings were easy at this time of year, with the low water levels. Some photos:</p> <p><a href=""></a></p>
October 04, 2013
Trail Conditions
<p>I hiked this yesterday and as Jeff mentioned, trail crews have indeed been busy!&nbsp; All of the trails described in this hike are clear, well-defined and well-marked even all the way out to Belleayre Mountain.&nbsp; Thanks Jeff and trail crew for making this a very enjoyable hike!&nbsp; Your hard work is very much appreciated.&nbsp; Here are pictures of the hike:&nbsp;</p>
Daniela Wagstaff
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